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Acronym References

What is BNF ?
Bibliothèque Nationale de France
The National Library of France, or National (French: Bibliothèque nationale de France) in Paris, France, when the National Library in the world. The history of its establishment to the year 1368 AD pitted. Now, more than twenty million books, in which maintained.

the core of the original library collection Charles the fifth form that is in the year 1368, library, dedicated with almost 1000 manuscripts in one of the halls in the building Louvre for your Dyer. At the time of Louis XI (1483-1461) the number of manuscripts and books printed expropriated added to it. Charles VIII and Louis also to the development of it has the location of the library with the change of the place of residence of Kings, Palace to Palace, the other is changed. In the year 1523 curated library to "Guillaume has been a" famous scientist the humanities was assigned, and its location in the palace Blu-fixing was....
What is PUT ?
Petroleum University of Technology
The University of oil industry...
What is HTN ?
Hotan Airport
Airport Khotan (Hotan Airport) is a airport public code IATA HTN is that a band landing concrete is and the length of the IT band 3200 km. The airport, in the city of Khotan, China, located at a height of 1424 meters above sea level, is located....
What is EBD ?
El Obeid Airport
The airport of El a airport, code IATA EBD is that a band landing asphalt and is the length of the runway it is 3000 km. The airport in the city could (Sudan) Sudan, located at an elevation of 587 meters above sea level, is located....
What is US ?
United States
Of America or the United States of America (the symbol of the abbreviation US or USA), is a country located in North America, and to the capital city of Washington, Jan. Thirty. . The U.S. is the third country, full of the world's population and third largest country is a vast world. and terms, and a variety of people, the most diverse country in the world to be known. USA with a GDP of more than 13, The 000 billion dollars per year and 19% the purchasing power of the world, the largest economy among the countries of the world Dara.

the system of government American constitutional framework, and based on the system of the Federal Republic Of founded. This country in the year 1776 ad (1155 e. STR.), etc. In the wake of the declaration of independence, and has 13 former British colony was formed.

the United States from the East with the Atlantic Ocean, in the West with the Pacific Ocean, from the north with Canada, and from the south with Mexico, a neighbor. This country from the path of naval base, Guantanamo is also a common boundary slightly with Cuba. The USA as well as through Alaska with Russia, the border blue. Plus, a collection of Island, district, and areas belonging to the US, scattered around the world.

United States of America after attending the first World War and the Second World War, the power of influence in the world expanded. American permanent member of the UN Security Council and is co-founder of Pact military NATO can be considered. And after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War as a superpower unique income. Citizen of the United States, usually "American" is called....
What is TSL ?
Tamuín National Airport
Airport National an airport, Public Passenger Code IATA TSL is a band landing asphalt and is the length of the runway it is 1443 km. The airport in the country of Mexico, is located at a height of 50 meters above sea level, is located....
What is جداد ?
جهاد دانشگاه آزاد دماوند
Jihad Azad University of Damavand...
What is SYZ ?
In terms of Meteorology, name of the city of Shiraz....