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Acronym References

What is جماران ?
جمع ماران
About the name of the Jamaran some have said that ray, that of the shrine of Idris in it, buried is the same as the Jamaran is modern. Also to believe in the people, because in the mountains, this is the place of the Old Snake have been and always to get the snake to the ten came in. of the name, it stands for "collector Maran" has been. Some also believe that and waist means big stone and, because of this place the big stones to come on. fit it , that is, the place to miss coming have called....
What is باکو ?
Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the past, from the important cities of Aran has been. Some cultures and resources, it stands or English know.

the root of the name of Baku to properly clear yet . For the first time in 448 ad, in the period of Bani II. called it "Baku" has seized. In 332 Ah.Reddit likes something, it " ", in 341 e.Reddit " ", and in 372 Ah.Am the owner of about news "Baku" is. In the fourth century, etc. whenever the Muslim, such as among and holy, it's "" and in 605 "" and "," and in 721, etc. "" recording has. From Safavid period to the next. apparently, because in Baku, the winds of adversity can reported it is "" and "" have said.

to view Kasravi, etc., Baku on the principle of "" it has been a "buck" or "" (from the article Avestan ) means God and the suffix "Wan" means the place combined. Nowadays, residents of Baku City, their "Baki" sing....
What is SME ?
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
The board of small and medium against the large industries placed relative to it, the benefits are many; of such value-added, innovation, employment creation and more flexibility. Firm, Small and medium enterprises, which refer to the SME, is called, in different sources, translated into English with the titles the following is also seen:

- small industries and 1 - small businesses and the average

- small and medium enterprises

- small and medium organizations

- small institutions, the average

- units, small and medium

- industrial units, small and medium

- Industrial enterprises small and medium

and in some cases also instead of the word small, the word wisdom is used.

definition of small & medium industries in different countries with each other, the difference is a function of the economic conditions and industrial ruler. Some of the criteria to determine the type of industries (small, medium and large) to work process include: number of employees, capital, assets, total, sales volume and production capacity. In this among the most common criteria, the number of employees that this also from country to country, different from the other, can be determined....
What is CFZ ?
Chabahar Free Zone
Chabahar (well, spring, ) (Balochi: ) is one of the cities in southern Iran province of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran and is the only port, the ocean the country is in the West Bank, Makran sea and the Indian Ocean, located. Of Anchorage it the capability of Berthing ocean-going ships to and from free zones of Iran is.

the port of Chabahar, because of the position strategic, which is the closest access road countries, landlocked Central Asia (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan) to water is of great importance, one is construction and investment in abundance, it takes place in..., including the construction of berths and increase the capacity of loading ocean-going ships (in the Gulf of Chabahar), and the construction of the railway towards Central Asia and the construction of the International Airport. This port is one of the most important crossroads of corridor north-south, business is global.

Chabahar, in addition to location, business, etc., has attractions, plentiful historical and natural. The climate of the city and around it is always spring, and is moderate and for this reason, Chabahar () is called. Chabahar city center, Chabahar, which is leading the southeast in the warm water of the Indian Ocean are located....
What is QFZ ?
Qeshm Free Zone
Fars air Qeshm, an airline passenger in Iran, which is its headquarters on the island of Qeshm is airport pole, the airline can be considered. The company is currently active....
What is NSW ?
New South Wales
New South Wales (New South Wales) the name of one of the states country, Australia.

the center of the state, the city of Sydney is the largest city and the most well-known city of rugby.

the state of New South Wales the most populous state of Northern Territory in the south east of the country is located. The state from North to Queensland (Queensland), from the south to the state of Victoria (Victoria), from the west to the state of South Australia and from the east to the Pacific Ocean is limited and an area of over 800 thousand square kilometers.

highest point of it, Snowy Mountains, which is 2228 meters high.

This is the state of parts of the world, that prostitution it is legal and controlled under the law in which there are.

New South Wales with 6, the 889, the 100 people, the most populous state of Northern Territory and a third of the entire population of Australia in its place.

the state, an area almost equal to half the area of Iran. (A little less than half)

some important cities in that it does not have:

Sydney (Sydney)
Newcastle (New Castle)
Wollongong (Wollongong)

The Black Town (Blacktown)
What is EP ?
El Paso
El Paso (ep), the urban frontier is in the state of Texas from the United States and the country of Mexico. The city in West Texas is located, based on the 2010 census, about 649, the 121 population. El Paso, the sixth largest city in the state of Texas and the nineteenth most populous city in the United States. River of the area, spruce passes, and the city in between the mountains that Mexico is also bordered are surrounded.

the city of El Paso, the University called the University of Texas at El Paso is that its establishment to the year 1914, pitted and also a branch of the Health Sciences Center Texas Tech University in this city there.

weather, the El Paso desert and the summer warm and winter cold and dry. The highest average temperature in a month related to June, with 35 of 17 degrees Celsius. The lowest mode, the average air temperature zero degree Celsius in the month of January.

77% of the people El Paso, white people are among the 62% of the descent Spanish. About half a percent of them, American Indians formed and 3 percent are African-American. Other residents of El Paso's immigrants and hybrids make up....
What is MSB ?
Marigot Seaplane Base
Airport San , etc., located in Guadeloupe...