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Acronym References

What is POL ?
Poland (Polish: Polska to English, Poland), officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in central Europe, western, Germany, South-West with the Czech Republic, from the south with Slovakia, North-East with Lithuania and Russia (the region's native Kaliningrad), East with Belarus, the south-eastern Ukraine and from the north with the Baltic Sea neighbours. The area of the country numerically, the 312, the 6 thousand square kilometers, is it the sixty-ninth largest country in the world and the ninth largest country in Europe. Also, with a population of 38. the 5 million this country, the thirty-fourth populous country world, eighth in Europe and sixth in the European Union. Poland has made focused has 16 provinces and the capital, Warsaw.

the executive branch of this country to the order of the president, the prime minister and the ministers. President for a term of 5 years will be selected that the maximum a president can two terms in this post, serve.

the name of the country, in most European languages pink (Pole). In some languages of Eastern Europe to the foothills of the "Lech" or "crush," you say. Lech, or Leh, from the ethnic name that comes about over a thousand years ago in the land of current Poland, lived and Lech (lęch) were known.

to this country, to the language of the Lithuanian Lenkija, language Hungarian Lengyelország, language of the Armenian Lehastan, and to the English, Poland, Poland or say....
What is KFZ ?
Kingston Free Zone
Area, Kingston (free trade area; the Jamaican dollar)...
دا اف
What is دا اف ?
دانشگاه افسری
University military Imam Ali, one of the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran related to the land force. The University, on the street of Imam Khomeini (Sepah), Tehran, Iran. front of the building the Assembly (Senate, former), there has been.

The University of officer, or name, the school owner hasn of the oldest centers of higher education in the country is by Reza Shah Pahlavi, and in the implementation of paragraph (C) of Article 5 of the decree 14 December year 1300 of them, with the pattern operation of the military school age trajectory of France, and with the integration of educational equipment available in school, the owner hasn Cossack home, school owner gendarmerie and the school system first on the street ekbatan current and in the building donated by Sardar Sepah was established.

later the training center to the mansion, kamraniyeh, located in street, spa moved, and with the purchase of the land around the development, we can find that this training center, now one hundred and forty thousand square meters.

school, the owner of privatize from the year 1314 to Cadet renamed and enjoying the Masters and foreign to the teaching of the classics and the new officers of the forces trilogy, and the fledgling Imperial Army, with a focus on land force in order, pedestrians, etc. cavalry and. artillery, and later engineering and payment.

training course in cadet first two years was students in first year courses, the military, and from the second year, determine the order, etc. courses relevant to the moment were. With the development of the educational activities of the center in the form of five faculty and the Department of foreign languages from the year 1367 to the University officer, and in the year 1375, with the permission of the commander in chief to the University military Imam Ali change the name of the alliance....
What is EPRI ?
Electric Power Research Institute
Research Institute of electric power...
What is LBNL ?
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
National Laboratory Lawrence Berkeley...
What is SBMU ?
Shahid Beheshti Medical University
Eastern University of Medical Sciences and health services Shahid Beheshti, one of the public universities in Iran and under the cover of the Ministry of health, treatment and medical education in Tehran province.

in the wake of the adoption of the law on formation of Ministry of health, treatment and medical education, and communicated the judgment of the minister of health, treatment and medical education, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and health services Shahid Beheshti, from September the year 1365 with the integration of some units, educational and Health affiliated to the Ministry of Health and the National University of the former to work....
What is MUQ ?
Qom University of Medical
Qom University of Medical Sciences...
What is SUMS ?
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, one of Iran.

the core of the early University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran with the establishment of the Institutes of Higher Education Infirmary, in the year 1325 in order to train professionals over the course of four was formed. The first period, the center responsible for the forces expressed the sacrifice was laid, that after the return of the American University of Beirut, a lot of parts of the hospital, according to a well-developed alliance.

in the year 1328 that Institutes of Higher Education Infirmary to medical school, become, Patrol, etc. of this institution, in addition to the other faculty of the University of Shiraz, under the supervision of the University of Pennsylvania began to work. and up to the year 1357 with the university relations is very near.

in the year 1332 Institutes of Higher Education Nursing Namazi as the second set, training medical personnel, was formed; or that the school in year 1355 to the school of nursing upgrade found. Looking for the College in the intervals of other other College of Medical Sciences was formed. To follow the passage of the bill establishing a Ministry of health, treatment and medical education, and in order to use desirable and harmonious of medical facilities in order to secure and generalization health, treatment, education and research. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences from Shiraz University, merged and of the year 1373 with the integration of the regional organization of Health in the province at the University of Medical Sciences, the university, under the title University of Medical Sciences and health services, Fars province entity found.

in 2009, rural areas of the state of Mississippi, American from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in order to provide patterns of health services in the villages request the conversation. In this representation between the University and Jacksonville State University Exchange). The state of Mississippi, always looking for ways to provide health services to rural areas with low costs....