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Acronym References

What is FKK ?
Frei Körper-Kultur
FKK area in the cities of Germany is that all persons should, Without into it. Generally a series of beach side Sea contains FKK are. Or inside the pool. (Free Body Culture)...
What is OHE ?
Airport an airport, universal code IATA OHE is . This airport in China is located ....
What is EEA ?
European Environment Agency
The European Economic Area...
What is HPB ?
Hooper Bay
Hooper bi (HPB) is a city in the census, Wade Hampton state of Alaska the population was at the census the year 2000 AD 1014 people....
What is PSF ?
Municipal Airport Pittsfield (Pittsfield Municipal Airport) is a airport public code IATA PSF is a band landing asphalt and is the length of the runway it is 1524 meters. The airport in the country, the United States of America, is located at a height of 363٫9 meters above sea level, is located....
What is CICI ?
Center for Intelligent Chemical Instrumentation
Center, Instrumentation, Chemical, University of Ohio; The Athens, Greece., Ohio)...
What is SEZs ?
Special Economic Zone Shenzhen
Special economic zones of China (SEZs) the special economic zones located in mainland China, is said to be. The government of China in the Special Economic Zones and economic policy, flexible (more orientation to the free market) runs. This policy allows special economic zones of a system of economic management would have to be that for the companies external and Internal in order to economic activity than other regions of mainland China more attractive. In special economic zones domestic and foreign trade and investment without a license, the central government of China in Beijing done. Special Economic Zones "financial incentives and the acquisition and treacherous to attract foreign investment and technology", propose....
What is LLA ?
Lulea Airport
Airport (Luleå Airport) is a airport, military and Public Passenger Code IATA LLA is a bond, landing asphalt and is the length of the runway it is 3350 meters. The airport, in the city of country, Sweden, is located at a height of 20 meters above sea level, is located....