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Acronym References

What is OBIX ?

Open Building Information Exchange

Coding information exchange building (OBIX) in the case of the exchange of information, building open. For information about the programming language Obix programming, Obix, please visit. oBIX is a standard system interface to create control systems. oBIX about reading and writing data on a network of tools using XML and URI in the framework designed for building automation to work. The system of building control includes systems, electrical and mechanical, such as system heating and cooling, Security, Management, Electrical, and security warnings, which is within the building Act, and in most buildings and also systems for special buildings, such as management, environment, audio-visual, etc. lighting, theaters, plays, gas, medicine, etc., smoke, and many purposes other to work. oBIX is a interface of the internet service, is because leads to interactions between control systems. This interface can communicate between companies, and building systems makes it possible. Features and operation, it can be like the participants of trade-based knowledge. oBIX on OASIS (Organization for the development of standards, data, structural) is developed. Version 1. the 0 it as a standard in December 2006 was completed.

nowadays, a lot of systems, electrical, mechanical, control, . Most of these tools are low cost, and has been for the TCP/IP activation have not been. They are with wiring, communication, embedded installation. big the DDC to provide a communications network for controllers.) Protocols binary many convenient, such as BACnet, etc. LontTalk, etc., Modbus, etc. DALI there are in the network, related in addition to protocol specific multiple used. Despite this protocol, the binary can be used in networks, TCP/IP, ... them with the challenges, such as routers, etc. the walls of the fiery, security, and compatibility with other network applications encounter. Another challenge is that the industry, the protocols are incompatible is divided. Since oBIX with the company United ... systems, electrical and mechanical will be able to provide information about performance and operating conditions makes. Showing this operation by internet services, this applies to homeowners, enables of standard data tools and OLAP to check the functionality they use. oBIX perpetrators of the facility and the landowners enables decisions based on consideration of factors cycle life, environment, cost and performance adopt.

oBIX to provide the interface to internet services that pays can be used to obtain information about the system, cooling and heating, control access and information exchange between systems and applications company. Report 1 well, of the three factors in common between the system control unit offers:

points: indicates the numerical value of the unit and its status - essentially these cases, the sensors, etc., the active consumer, or variables set hint.
warning: modeling. Ethernet routing switches, and announce warnings. Warning markers circumstances that need to inform the user or another program.
dates: modeling and Survey time data. The basis of the tools, history, Time collect can be made from them for purposes other reviews.
oBIX 1.0 model, the lower-level offers, which can be used during a run it extended. While the points have the address. direct interaction with parts requires knowledge about the control systems for the developer company. Points can be unified and of the contract of oBIX. In the event that oBIX model lower-level show., the contracts oBIX high level to provide that a lot of programmers tend to work with them.