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Acronym References

What is TSD ?

Temperature-dependent Sex Determination

Determine the sex to be temperature dependent (TSD) somehow determine the sex, it's an environment where the temperature, determined during growth of the embryonic/., the gender of the child will determine. This issue only in reptiles and fishes (continuous ) is visible. TSD or (sex determination dependent on temperature) with the system for determining the sex chromosome in vertebrates is different. This method, the most popular and studied the most type of sex determination, environmental (ESD) is. Some of the conditions density, pH, and color of the background environmental as well to determine the proportion of sex, which can be depending on the factors, as sex determination dependent on the temperature, or the distinction of sex dependent on the temperature classification of. about view the fall. These factors as mechanisms of sex determination., the TSD and determine (GSD) must be for the same considered, which can lead to status fish species when temperature be. The temperature created during a direct relationship with the gender of the child is.

While the TSD in many species, reptile, fish have been observed., the genetic differences between genders and molecular mechanisms TSD obvious yet. It is thought that the path of mediating cortisol, and the path of regulatory epigenetic mechanisms potentially involved in TSD are.

the eggs when over a third of the middle growth of the embryonic are very much under the influence of the temperature are. This period is critical in the production of like that as the period of sensitivity to heat be known.

many scientists believe that the distinction of sex, i.e., determining the sex of eggs in turtles are dependent on temperature, is to be able to exact The determine the range of certain time we have.

period or sensitive to temperature (TSP) period is when the growth of irreversible can be. It is with the use of species that determine sex-dependent temperature, such as crocodiles and turtles can be used. TSP usually period a third intermediate incubation that the end of the embryonic stage is. The time limit TSP slightly among species are different. the growth and development of late embryos in the ducts, the passage of eggs, should be considered (e.g., most of lizard). Send a pulse of heat over the course of the sensitivity of the heat often to determine the sex is enough, but after the TSP, sex in proportion to the temperature not responding. However, after this period, a change of sex is not possible.