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Acronym References

What is TVXQ ?

Tong Vfang Xien Qi

T he x Kyo (TVXQ), Department of boyish Kay-pop is in Japan with the title (Tohoshinki), and sometimes with the German Ki (DBSK), which summarized the Dong Bang Shin Ki is also known. Group title to "dawn of the gods of the East" has been translated.

This group in 2003, under the IT, and as Group 5, etc., consisting of in. Max ., the Hiro, what Jong-in. Mickey and Shea , etc. began immediately after the release of the first single track, "the embrace", in 2004, among the public became known, the singles, ranked fourth in the table, the iPhone, the Ki took place. First two albums of the group. "Triangle" in 2004 and "rising sun" in 2005, both among the best-selling albums were, and caused the reputation of the group outside of Korea were. T he x Kyo, in 2006, under oaks and with the album "Heart, Mind, and spirit," entered the music industry in Japan was limited success was faced.