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Acronym References

What is NOS ?

Network Operating System

Operating system network operating system is special support from the network design. The same can be said network operating system software is a network traffic and queue messages on the control it does. Also control the access of multiple user to a resource on the network, such as a file, is responsible for the Operations Management important, such as security control, enabling. Operating systems-based servers (Server) in addition, regulatory and ... security and managerial support of work in the network will also at the same time to several users to provide. Operating system that there is a network, Be Aware (Network-Aware) can access to network resources for users provide. Unlike operating systems single-user, the operating system should requests received from multiple workstations to answer and point out details, because the acquisition and communication network, allocate and share resources, protect data and control errors as well management.

an acronym it NOS. Network OS, also called.