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National Ocean Service (NOAA)

Not Otherwise Specified

National Occupational Standards (UK)

Nitric Oxide Synthase

Network Operating System

Notice of Suspension (various meanings)

New Orleans Saints

Nosferatu (vampire reference)

Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (public health quality assessment; Canada)

New Old Stock

Notice of Sale

Nitrous Oxide System

National Osteoporosis Society (UK)

Nederlandse Omroep Stichting

Never on Sunday

Nippon Office Systems (Japan)

National Orange Show (San Bernardino, CA)

Network Operations Squadron (US Air Force)

National Open School

Number of Statements

Number Of Sectors

National Ocean Survey (NOAA)

Nature of Suit (legal)

Natural Orifice Surgery (Transdouglas technique)

Net One Systems (Japan)

New Orleans Square (Disneyland)

Never Out of Stock

Non-Oily Solid

No Other Symptoms

Naval Ordnance Station

Not on Shelf

NATO Office of Security

Not on Schedule

New Old Stuff

National Ocean Science

No One Survives (gaming team)

Novell Operating System

Network Optimization System (Sprint)

Night Observation System

Not One Scratch (condition of items for sale)

Next on Stack

Net Outside Sales

Network Optimization Support (Cisco)

National Orthodox School (Amman, Jordan)

Network Operations Specialist (Sprint)

Notification of Sourcing

No Organism Seen (medical/microbiology reference)

Non Operational Primitive Sequence

Nuke On Sight

Non-Organic Substance


Contract for Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (US Navy)

Northern Tropospheric Oxidants Study

Naval Observatory Station (astronomy and astrophysics; Flagstaff, AZ)

Network Operations Superintendent (railway specialist)


Nucleus of Spheres (gaming, Dungeons & Dragons)