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Acronym References

What is 4K ?


Clearly 4 (4K resolution) a resolution video standard in capture, and graphics card of a computer. The number of pixels, format 4 four times the format full HD. But the standard , exactly the size of 3840×2160, or the so-called 2160. In comparison with the previous standard QHD is 2560x1440 this. 4K, exactly the size and depth 2 times to meet. Clearly this extension 4000 pixels per resolution of the screen is horizontal. In other words, the number of pixels the TV all the HD can be in a quarter of a screen 4 place. This is through employing the number of pixels more (8294400 pixels) to create images more clearly and in more detail in comparison with examples of all HD has been made possible. This is while the standard of higher resolution images 8, the number of pixels to something about 32 million increase. YouTube is one of the services that can be considered that this extension uses.

After the production of LED displays and 3D, a new generation of TV and screen, to enter the market. Nowadays, more valid brands like LG and Toshiba TV, 4K has announced have with the arrival of the other brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and Sony to this arena. competition in the production of TV and screen, 4K more and more hot. TV, all in HD quality 1080p; the resolution display equal to 1920 x 1080 pixels and are in the standard 4K, the resolution to 4096 in 2160 pixel looks. This feature is now on TV, all the HD and disc Blu-ray is available.

video 4 when a large volume is, for example, a movie 4 ago 60 GB volume.