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Acronym References

What is PAX ?


Ther token is ther IR-20 issued on the Ethereum blockchain, bringing together the benefits of blockchain technology and the stability of fiat currencies.

This led to an exchange encryption with features that will be continued to the following:

- deals instant around the world
- invariance
- accounting decentralized
- transactions 24/7

In addition, any password PAX with the amount equivalent to the US dollar, fully supported, etc., which means that it can also at any time, with the dollar be purchased.the team Paxos consists of seasonal professionals from various fields، including former employees of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The company is led by the founder and CEO of yen Charles كasكarilla.

It is interesting to know that the team Paxos future sees that it part of a revolution, the most important economic, but an essential element of its evolution. In the big picture - the company wants to improve the economic ecosystem by developing a global network without friction for the exchange of simple assets-mobile and immediate.r and is designed for Growing Use Cases. Today the main use of is to limit the volatility of crypto assets، remove friction from cross-border transactions and become a reliable means of payment for crypto assets and other blockchain assets.

in the future, Paxos is expected to pay for the consumer and a store of value, a stable for the individuals outside of the United States, especially in countries with national currencies, unstable, etc. used.