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What is O2 ?


Oxygen () is one of the chemical elements in the periodic table is that it's symbol O and atomic number it 8. An element of biodiversity has been and is everywhere, what land and what in the whole cosmos can be found. The oxygen molecule (O2) in the Earth in terms of thermodynamic unstable, but by the action of photosynthetic anaerobic bacteria, and in the next stage by the action of light, making the plants a land, there comes.

oxygen at room temperature and standard pressure for a gas that contains two atoms of oxygen to the chemical formula O2. Oxygen the most important element is air, and through the act of photosynthesis, the plants produced, and to the breathing of animals is necessary. The word oxygen in the two Greek words Oxus(sour) and Gennan (procreation) is made, i.e., something from which the pickles have comes. In English can be used for that word 's applied. ( other languages for the word oxygen, for example, many German Sauerstoff and Dutch zuurstof together exactly the same means gives). Liquid oxygen and solid color aqua blue, and have both very . Liquid oxygen, commonly with the practice of distillation, partial, liquid comes to hand.