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What is VFD ?

Volunteer Fire Department

He f, VFD means the Volunteers of the fire department; or a group of people seemingly that are in Adventures of the kids unlucky are defined group he F, codes, and secrets have many that no book of the size of the lemony : a life the letter has not been approved from this group to give us clues not show.

in the year that orphan, yet who were not born and even their parents kids time being happen a large. group v. f.d was the group that the fire will turn off ... but with this great happening __ were divided into two categories. A group like prior to your work, i.e. put out the fire continued, but the other group began to roam and fire, (vigil). Sign member being in the group of v. f.d tattoos, one eye on the ankle left foot was and its motto in two groups, the good behind this slogan is:here the world is quiet ...

He f, must be members of the reading must be after the secrets and codes cope:

method of the message of this poem states that should place the words in the poems, instead, we and the message we.

method of Message Update with subtle is arranged. In this method, parts of the dialogue intended to change, and we friends now in my message desired to understand.

, password in letter writing are used. With the word "alarm" token starts, and the following words, with 10 words to among the kill the line.

method of encryption with the misspelling from the name, it turns out. Spelling errors with your together, are deploying to the word of the desired rank.

the encryption method and assets by means of equipment available in the fridge, the message will be true

The method post with cake message within a cake, embed, and not the person the desired effect