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Acronym References

What is SID ?
Society for Information Display
Displays information (product Samsung)...
What is STK ?
SIM Application Toolkit
Software tools SIM card, usually it as the STK will be remembered. A standard of the GSM is SIM card, means it can Service various value-added services telecom. This software includes a series of processes from pre-programmed, that is, how to, and how to engage the SIM card with the outside world, specifies and orders independent of the handset and the network begins. To mediate this tool SIM card to be able to create communicative, interactive, network, and user to access and control the network. Also, by means of which the SIM card is able to execute the orders to display menus, or get commands from the user in the phone display....
What is OTG ?
On The Go
Feature on ears there with the name of the OTG, which stands for usb On The Go can be and turns your phone into a USB host....
What is IPS ?
In-Plane Switching
One of the types of technology designed for liquid crystal display (LCD)....
What is APK ?
Android Application Package
Apps written for the Android system with the extension apk are stored.
Android (Android) the name of the operating system that Google for mobile and tablet, and NOW TV also offers and in cooperation with dozens of companies on Android-based devices. Android based on Linux kernel is built....
What is OTA ?
Over The Air
Somehow, update (update) for mobile phones as the means of system, wireless done....
What is VCO ?
Voltage Controlled Oscillator
A mobile phone should be on the frequencies of different BTS, each area on it, set the place up with its not find an association. In other words, the IC HAGER on the frequency of the different must be able to and do. This action entails that one frequency carrier HAGER carefully change much. the action in mobile by a piece called the VCO can be done....
What is MCU ?
Multipoint Control Unit
Control the function of various blocks in the mobile should be the responsibility of this unit. This unit from parts different like the IC processor and the memory are formed by a program operating system can be the entire phone control. Program the operating system by the designer, the phone in one of the memory, the phone is stored. Note that the IC of the CPU just processing information and its performance under the impact of the program is the operating system....