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Acronym References

What is HDML ?
Handheld Device Markup Language
Language promotion, exclusively, to create web sites optimized for mobile . HDML is Openwave developed, and just by browsers, Openwave support. It by the standards of the industry. WML and later XHTML was replaced....
What is FOTA ?
Firmware Over the Air
FOTA is the ability to upgrade hardware or software, a phone on their network.
usually such incentive, ' or forms of technical fixes. although can in some cases also the efficiency of the new add. Phone should, in particular, from FOTA support of a type it also supports. In some cases it may be upgrade automatically to the phone to be pulled out, while in other cases it may be, on the Right Select get upgrades. FOTA need to take the phone to a store location or send it to service center for upgrade . The user comfortable with it, and has been for to reduce the cost . Sometimes to FOTA as the OTA noted....
What is FDN ?
Fixed Dialing Number
that to phone lets lock them up just to disclose specific numbers or Numbers with a specific number to dial . A PIN code ( numeric code ) from the list of numbers authorized protection works, by the personal that the password PIN does not know the change will not be given....
What is EGSM ?
Extended Global System for Mobile Communications
A band of radio frequencies that, in Europe, to provide capacity added to the network, for networks GSM 900 is used . Range 880-890 EGSM that with 925-935 MHz paired, and is just under the band early 900 GSM located . The phone that equipped with EGSM or 900 EGSM are from the runway primary GSM 900 band, widespread support older phones with GSM 900 may EGSM support, " he said . Most newer phones with GSM900 from the EGSM support . This has been because the impression therefore is that the newer phones support it....
What is ERI ?
Enhanced Roaming Indicator
Feature phones PRL to indicate to a buyer whether on a home system, Network partner or a network ( roaming ). Phones with the capability of ERI when the proper software and PRL in them used by using a sign with the text on the screen, the home system or roaming . Since more phones can be distinguished by an icon and ... system, against the system, the roaming show . Phone, ERI also clearly can status the third \" Network partner \" to show that may contain a schedule and different....
What is DTMF ?
Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
DTMF the world standard for music listening that the digits on the keyboard the phone shows . With phone, cable, ground button ( touch - tone ), but pressing a key on the number pad., the sound of the DTMF corresponding to those keys it creates . So the system, phone, cable, Terrestrial, could be it will hear the sound and , and thereby determine the which key is pressed to dial .
mobile networks to direct dial instead of DTMF from digital signals they use, but DTMF is still in the mobile routing system, automatic like browse the phone and dial for the secondary, such as the use of the phone card is used . Each track DTMF in fact, two tracks - a song low frequency and a song of high frequency have been combined . ( So from the direction of the multi-frequency song of the Dual is called ) . If the standard keyboard, the phone as a network plaid look and the sound of the bottom row and the sound of a high column, it can be....
What is CSC ?
Card Security Code
Short code like a phone number, but figures it is less and only for messaging can be used . Short codes only mobile phones are used and they cannot be used for voice conversations . Short codes are specific to a country are, and they are mainly used by the company in order to advertising purposes can be used . For example, some of the television programs their viewers want, that your comments, text messages, specific to short codes designated send . Companies have short codes from a national organization that these codes provides rental . Task of this organization is coordination of short codes for operators, wireless....
What is CPHS ?
Common PCN Handset Specification
CPHS is a development for the feature of GSM is that multiple increase, simple, and applicable to, the performance of GSM phones and SIM cards arrive . Examples upgrade the CPHS includes access single key to dial voice mail standard stored in the SIM and markers, waiting for messages to notify users of voice mail messages New . Also, CPHS makes that transmission providers flexibility and more control is the transferor have that on the phone can be shown . GPHS include the ability to control certain features based on the network of the interface the phone can also be that include the send conversation. call waiting and calling and Caller - ID cphs Department official feature of GSM . It is the Union of PCN-developed . There is CPHS among transmission providers have been popular . Many of the operators, European and American GSM need it....