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Acronym References

What is MCU ?
Multipoint Control Unit
Control the function of various blocks in the mobile should be the responsibility of this unit. This unit from parts different like the IC processor and the memory are formed by a program operating system can be the entire phone control. Program the operating system by the designer, the phone in one of the memory, the phone is stored. Note that the IC of the CPU just processing information and its performance under the impact of the program is the operating system....
What is ICCID ?
Integrated Circuit Card ID
Any SIM card to be international with ICC-ID (card number, orbital international) be known. ICCID within the SIM card is stored and also on the body of the SIM card during a process called personalization printed or carved....
What is TFD ?
Thin Film Diode
TFD another variety of technology display in mobile phones (especially some models of Samsung). Technology TFD top quality image and also high-speed readout image (like TFT) with the cost and low energy consumption (like pages STN) integration ....
What is EDR ?
Enhanced Data Rate
EDR Choice section of a feature of Bluetooth is that higher speed data and, in some cases, more durable battery provides . Since the EDR is a part of choice is all the Bluetooth devices it is not supported . If both the Bluetooth device in a data communication Bluetooth from EDR support. mode, the EDR automatically applied....
What is IRIS ?
Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri
Software, iris, or IRIS., the rival smart copied from Siri ( SIRI ). iris with the power getting from the system Voice Action, which by default on many Android phones..., and space similar to the functionality of siri at your disposal puts....
What is SIRI ?
Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface
Sea Ray (Siri) an audio interface for devices iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S) is that in your version 5.0, along with the mobile phone of the Apple company provide to the market and was able in less time than a year the popularity of the many users is achieved....
What is OTP ?
One Time Password
Password disposable or OTP - One Time Password, an alternative to passwords is password disposable to secure users access to the electronic system are provided, in which the functionality of encryption to Generate Password, random, disposable, used. For the users using the services of internet banking, the possibility of relocation, higher amounts safe and have have the device generate a password disposable use....