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Acronym References

What is MMS ?
Multimedia Messaging Service
Service message, multimedia, or the SMS standard communication to send the message that has the elements of multimedia (like photos, sound, video, text format). Message multimedia, the development of a Standard SMS. the possibility of sending messages with length over more, and with the benefit of protocol applications wireless to display the content it provides. The most common use it. sending photos from the phone camera....
What is GPRS ?
General Packet Radio Service
JP's RSS is a service, information, mobile package is oriented to users of mobile phones GSM and IP-136 is available. This is a Value-Added Service in a new second generation mobile phone that lets you send and receive information or data on the mobile network provides.

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service (public service package, radio) is, in fact, the data switching circuit. JP audio, in fact, a layer of closed switch (Packet - Switched) network, GSM available in the mobile phone adds Your that much better than the standard communication, the switch circuit (Circuit Switched) GSM network.