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Acronym References

What is CHTML ?
Compact Hypertext Markup Language
A simplified version of HTML that it to create web pages for the service, NTT DOCOMO iMode on mobile phones can be used . CHTML specifically for iMode that is used only in Japan and also by several operators in Europe used. Most phones and operators, instead of the standard XHTML for web mobile use....
What is BTA ?
Basic Trading Area
A geographic area of integration of population and economy ( several adjacent segments ) that is Rand Mc Nally commercial Attas is defined . BTAs FCC , as the geographical boundaries for the licenses ( spectrum ), radio frequency ( 1900MHz ) PCs to be used in the mid 1990 to auctions laid . Some parts of the band, pcs as MTAs ( regions (central business district ) to the auction were laid out, each of which consists of several BTAs . Other bands, such as bands, cellular ( 850 / 800 MHz) instead of the divisions, geographical, MSA and RSA ....
What is BREW ?
Binary Run-time Environment for Wireless
BREW ( Environment, time, stream, binary for wireless ), a solution is provided by Qualcomm for download software small and content to mobile . Exclusively in CDMA phones to be found . Its main components to the user, allows that software small on means wireless like phone, download, and run . Such software includes games, software, following, fees, or tools, map-turvy effect . This component of BREW, J2ME competition that provides a Java technology from Sun Microsystems . The BREW and Java are not compatible.
under the system, BREW on a phone, can graphic and rust will also control . Solution BREW also includes a server component is that the network is there . Server, BREW, side, Network, download, BREW your control, does that include bills and can also be used for content and software non-BREW also used, and the Bills give....
What is AFLT ?
Advanced Forward Link Trilateration
Some kind of technology, the location of the phone based on the situation . AFLT, unlike the A - GPS from the GPS satellites to determine the location of the use does not . To determine the location, telephone computing, signal from the center of mobile, adjacent ( towers ) takes Information time / distance to the network reports that the then for, the side location of the estimated phone used . Generally, to get the condition optimal min to Central Station, around need....
What is HSUPA ?
HighSpeed Uplink Packet Access
Access high-speed package upload
incentive for networks WCDMA / UMTS / HSDPA, is that of progress, such as HSDPA for side upload connection, uses and the possibility of maximum upload speed of 5.8 Mbit/s ( million bits per second ) to provide . HSUPA complement and a successor to HSDPA, which is high speed data for side download offers . Sometimes to HSDPA and HSUPA, as the HSPA, it should be noted . Networks and devices, the HSUPA includes the technology of WCDMA, and HSDPA, are devices and networks that just of IT Technology, Support, compatible – the playoffs are . ( The ability of the new version to work with the old version ) .
HSUPA by the 3GPP in UMTS Release 6 standard . In terms of speed data and the evolution of technology, the nearest equivalent for the HSUPA in the network, EVDO Rev. A, CDMA, etc.....
What is PUK ?
Personal Unlocking Key
If your device is on the lock PIN. to free the storage it needs to ك you that PUK say.

To Get this code, you can Of ك Telecommunication Company, please visit.
in Iran, this code on document SIM card is registered....
What is JAR ?
Java Archive
JAR format, etc. programs, executive platform, Java for mobile.

a type of archive contains : Java classes, etc. Metadata and reference data ( such as : images, text, etc.) that form the executable software for the platform Java (Java) accordingly.
often the best by JDK programming....
What is BTS ?
Base Tranceiver Station
In the mobile network, the first part that directly with the mobile phone is associated to the term Commons, antenna, mobile, and interpretation of specialized BTS....