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Acronym References

What is WLL ?
Wireless Local Loop
System, wireless service, that with the phone service, cable wired, local competition, or replace it....
What is USIM ?
User Services Identity Module
Units identify common UMTS
the equivalent of the SIM card is in the phone, the third generation UMTS / WCDMA is used....
What is UMA ?
Unlicensed Mobile Access
Unauthorized access ( UMA ) access to service data and voice cellular mobile on the technology spectrum, non-authorized provides, which includes Bluetooth and ( 11 - 802 ), Wi-Fi . A phone UMA whenever around or out is from the cellular network like GSM, CDMA). CDMA, etc. uses, and, if in range, like home or work is automatically to local networks, Wi-Fi with the ability to UMA altered . The possibility to use wireless, of all the services in the All-Time provides, which includes voice, messages, pricing, and service data . This method mixed the possibility of full mobility ( ability to relocate ) provides while better coverage, speed, data, higher, and service costs less at the time of using the network in areas of high-density areas, the population reduced and the need for towers in residential areas with a population of non-dense also....
What is TDMA ?
Time Division Multiple Access
TDMA is a digital technology, mobile . In TDMA, the frequency band number, the channel is divided into units of time fall short, several calls to no intervention in each other are common of a channel signal . In other words., the TDMA, to the several vehicle will allow you at a time jointly from a frequency band to use, and any means to turn the data digital will send . Each turn, a flashback is called . TDMA, as the main method of transferring digital signals on radio waves, etc. a basis for several wireless standards Major include IS - 136, etc. IDEN , GSM . To IS - 136 as simply TDMA is said to be....
What is T9 ?
Text input on 9 Keys
Some kind of software for text input predictive...
What is SS7 ?
Signaling System 7
SS7 protocol industry standard for routing phone calls, wireless and wiring....
What is SMIL ?
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMIL, etc., a standard for displaying audio and visual turvy effect . SMIL in the mobile for MMS messages used that voice and image in the stream with your pictures, text or any kind of interface other combination . A display SMIL presentation contains multiple slides, which, respectively, are implemented....
What is RSA ?
Rural Service Area
Geographical area of the population that is circular census of the United States is defined . RSAs areas identifies that in MSA ( district statistical Central ) is not . All sections in the country in the MSA or RSA . MSA and RSAs this question are that by the FCC for the licenses ( spectrum ) of radio frequency cellular separate geographically used that process to operators of wireless, in 1980, was granted....