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Acronym References

What is MVNO ?
Mobile Virtual Network Operator
The company Wireless that are branded, marketing, retail stores, and supply the phone themselves, but instead the structure and function of the infrastructure operator, another they use (towers and network)....
What is MSL ?
Moisture Sensitivity Level
A the numeric code ( password ) that prevents user access to configuration characteristics of the particular phone . Especially for this design is that of reprogramming the phone by another user, prevent . This feature usually is the phone \" locked \" can be interpreted . Phone, \ " not locked \" also exist that are able to work with another user, re-planning . The reason for this system, being sold phone returns . phone prices below are sold ( to the detriment of the user ), with the impression that the price difference in the cost of services monthly compensation . Loss of deposit, that the next compensation to be subsidized . For the benefit of the Financial Operator, etc., the user should be the phone to buy, and later with another operator . MSL almost this impossible . Phone lock is not usually much more expensive than the phone locked because they are no to offset the cost does not exist....
What is MEID ?
Mobile Equipment Identifier
A number ID, which is universal for any mobile phone new CDMA in the world, unique, and that is the phone for the network, identify and can grow to declare the phone lost or stolen has been used . MEID is a replacement for ESN ( the serial number of the electronics ) is in the year 2005, replace the ESN . Number, ESN., the 32-bit number, MEID, etc. 56-bit . A ESN the 32-bit means only 4 billion number, ESN, unique there . There are other restrictions, phone, CDMA, compression, late 2005, which are produced ESN, unique ends, and this is a major problem for the industry . MEID, 56-bit, 16 million times the number of unique like the system, the ESN provides and to the world, helps ensure that other number to the end doesn't arrive . Although support MEID have to have all the new phones CDMA be added and all the CDMA networks have to support MEID upgrade find . The MEID for the phone, GSM and WCDMA equivalent of the IMEI . MEID also for compatibility with IMEI for phones that include CDMA technology and GSM or WCDMA. is designed....
What is IMSI ?
International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMSI is a number, password, unique world that one subscribes to the GSM network identifies . IMSI with operator to your account information to be linked . IMSI on the SIM card is located, which can be from one GSM phone to another phone transfer....
What is IMPS ?
Instant Messaging and Presence Services
IMPS service, presence and chat
standard OMA services for presence and chat ( IM ) . Specific techniques for information exchange presence and chat between devices, mobile, service, phones and chat services based on the internet....
What is ICE ?
In Case of Emergency
Some persons think that all users should have a number as ICE to the list of your contacts in the phone book add, They people a third party ( such as doctor or emergency personnel ) in case of problem for the user and find the phone to dial that number to call . This number could belong to one of the relatives of the user....
What is HRPD ?
High Rate Packet Data
HRPD mainly as a 1x EV-DO is known . HRPD means \" data-pack high speed \" is, and technology has given wireless broadband based on CDMA is Qualcomm developed . To this technology, as HDR (high speed data) will also be noted . IS - 856 as an official standard of the international....
What is HDML ?
Handheld Device Markup Language
Language promotion, exclusively, to create web sites optimized for mobile . HDML is Openwave developed, and just by browsers, Openwave support. It by the standards of the industry. WML and later XHTML was replaced....