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Acronym References

What is 3GP ?
Third Generation Partnership
Three JP or Terry JP, etc. (3GP), one of the template files in the computer and multi-media that for video, and for mobile phone. Three JP a use has been simplified with four (to:: MP4) is due to the low volume for the exchange between mobile phones. This name is short for Third Generation Partnership Project....
What is SYNC ?
SYNC stands for the word Synchronize, which is mostly in mobile phones, etc. in order to integrate information, computer and mobile with each other....
What is TTY ?
Tele Type
Possibility on the phone. for the use of the deaf and Embedded is that the TTY name....
What is BSSAP ?
Base Station System Application Part
Part of the system functional station, mobile communication, mobile)...
What is LTE ?
Long Term Evolution
Project collaborative third generation mobile network (3GPP Long Term Evolution, etc. stands for LTE), the latest standard in network technologies, the mobile phone that is network technology GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA + offers. The present generation networking, mobile communication, generally third-generation (3G) are known.

although LTE is often as fourth-generation mobile network (4G) is known. The first version of LTE is fully need, 4G on the other hand, does not. Standard, Pre-4G, which is a standard before the network 4G (fourth generation) is a step to fourth-generation mobile network (LTE-Advanced) is closer....
What is SIS ?
Symbian Installation System
SIS somehow the format of mobile apps is that phones with operating system Symbian or of UIQ applicable to this type of format....
What is OPL ?
Open Programming Language
He is photoluminescent, a language limited to portable devices has been that the system, Symbian setup that does it can call on the Nokia phone model 9200, etc. 9300 and 9500, as well as in PDA phones model, P80., the D900 and the D910, Sony Ericsson.
he sought escape on the part of the standards program, with the application is PDA classic Psion (a British company manufacturer of computers, manually), and notebooks and notebook pads, is used. He is photoluminescent, a language like basic. The language in the system, Psion, to name a programming language, a hierarchy can be read. The first program implemented by this language that no graphics be for the system Psion is referring to the system, the Psion I, in year 1984) and for a package of scientific, financial, and computing come in.
this language, to review the language of the common became more and in the design of the software on the Psion II (1986) was used, and also in the third generation Psion and to the next, filled out an application. After the next Psion from the market PDA this language find change as an open System (Open Source) released. With the increasing discontent of the people by a large group of programmers El, the other language ability to use for the operating system, Symbian 8 Series to the next. Much of this dissatisfaction due to the lack of enough charm, and proper support of the main standards, Symbian in Nokia, Sony Ericsson.
therefore, he is photoluminescent in the generation of new operating systems, Symbian is not used....
What is IMS ?
IP Multimedia Subsystem
multimedia IP, refer to the IMS standard, the new communication that is the project partner the third generation or 3 JP (3GPP) defined. IPhone SMS for Didi, the combination of the two technologies, the most successful technology, communications in the cellular network and the internet. In the integration services defined in the IP of the users by means of their Cellular are able to service inside the internet easily, effectively and ... reliable and with reasonable prices access find. All network communications based on the Internet Protocol, or IP (IP). Advance iPhone, SMS etc., the user joins the network, next generation, or NGO (NGN) service provides advice....