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Acronym References

What is TIBC ?
Total Iron-Binding Capacity
Testing capacity the total iron-binding (T. I. B. C): the concentration of serum iron represents the Fe3 is attached to transferrin and consists of serum iron to form hemoglobin, outdoor not be. Naturally, only about a third of the community connection, iron is Fe3 occupy are.Serum iron in the anemia of , hepatitis, etc., necrosis, acute liver, , anemia, and hemolytic (particularly thalassemia), etc. and inappropriate treatment with iron increases....
What is IVUS ?
IntraVascular UltraSound
With the growing technology in the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases need to use the system, and ultrasound within the vascular (IVUS) as the feasible solutions with precision and accuracy is very high in the diagnosis of diseases to what clearly has become.

during the research and studies carried out in several articles and to the direction of the review and analysis of the system, IVUS, compared with the device angiography alone, which is in two stages, the main assessment of effectiveness and costing done, the evidence available using the method of meta-analysis, case synthesis, was put, and rating the effectiveness of each technology with the help of methods of Multi Criteria Decision-Making Cao, etc. , etc. And The Theory Of Grey was set up. The result of this synthesis, the efficacy, the better the system, IVUS in comparison with the device angiography alone showed. At the stage of costing, also the amount of possible costs imposed on the community in the event of applying the system of IVUS in the side of the device, angiography, indicates the cost effectiveness of the system of IVUS against the device only angiography alone will show....
What is RHS ?
Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
Syndrome, Ramsay Hunt type the name of the disease is due to open, the activation of the virus zoster virus in the ganglion bent a set of cells in the nerve to the face.
syndrome, Ramsay Hunt type two, usually with symbols, because the inability to none of the muscles of the face, pain in the ears, inability to understand the taste in the front of the tongue. dryness of eyes and mouth and the blisters, the skin cell is.

symptoms of this disease include facial nerve paralysis, pain in the ears, inability to understand the taste in the front of the tongue. dryness of eyes and mouth, and blisters of the skin in the tongue or the hard palate can be....
What is JC ?
John Cunningham
Virus, J. C. (JC virus) name a species of file that in the year 1965 with the use of the electron microscope was discovered. This virus, named from the first letters of the name "John Cunningham" (the disease that the virus from the body, the cultivation of thought) takes place. This virus causes disease, " progressive" (PML) in people who suffer from immunodeficiency (e.g. AIDS patients or recipients of the medicines weaken the immune system following an organ transplant) are offered....
What is ROP ?
Retinopathy Of Prematurity
Retinopathy (problems the retina) in premature infants (Retinopathy of Prematurity - ROP), or Retrolental Fibroplasia), can lead to blindness. This disease in the past, arising from the use of large quantities of oxygen in machine should be that of premature infants in the were kept, but nowadays, the incidence of the disease less. The factors that the baby is at risk for retinopathy are low birth weight and premature delivery (weeks 26 to 28) are. Nowadays, in most developed countries. ROP severe. in children with birth weight more than 1000 grams of shot but in weights less, still can be observed.

In Children, premature birth, growth and evolution of the blood vessels of the retina are still not perfect. Probably the process of ROP is that the birth of the baby early with the process of normal retina, interference does. The growth of the retina in the period after the birth in the environment of unstable and high oxygen takes place and the impact of stimulation induced hypoxia on the development of the vascular network of the retina is reduced. The result of it, the delay in vascular disease of the retina that eventually leads to angiogenesis, pathological (vessels, non-natural) and can be. The problem blood vessels abnormal this is enough oxygen to the retina, not the latter.

retinopathy in premature infants, depending on the severity of the disease to a 5 degree split. The progression of the disease to varying degrees, the end (Dragged Macula), can lead to scarring in the retina and complications such as detached shrinkage, retina, etc. haemorrhage vitreous, etc. deviation of the eyes and the laziness of the eyes. A lot of babies with retinopathy suffer from myopia, will.

because baby can not do your symptoms tell parents and physicians should understand risk factors that the likelihood of catching the disease much they are. These factors include:
low birth weight (1٫5 kg or less)
the need for oxygen in the first week after birth
support respiratory long
this risk is also possible with interventions aimed at the delivery of oxygen to tissues increases, such as blood transfusions or treatment with erythropoietin more. Conversely, the cases, the factors that effects have antioxidant such as bilirubin concentration and vitamins E, in some studies, with decreased risk of ROP along have been.

babies that the risk of ROP should have a Week 4 to 6 after birth, the eye examination medical become. Eye doctor use drops, vasodilator, etc. the pupil to open, and then the retina sees. Examinations periodically to determine whether disease progression has stopped or not, and whether the treatment there is a need or not necessary.

some of the children who treatment of ill health in the limit of Grade 1 or 2 is no treatment recover. In other cases, in case the patient symptoms of the disease Grade 3 or higher and show the treatment is necessary. To prevent the release of the vessels, abnormal may be areas of the retina with a method called cryotherapy treat. In this method, parts of the retina gets frozen. The laser may thus be used. In both methods, permanent scars in the peripheral retina remain, but in most cases, this method of therapy in maintaining vision center patient . In case of retinal detachment surgery is required....
What is HELLP ?
Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, and a Low Platelet
Syndrome help (HELLP syndrome) among the set of problems deadly in medicine, childbirth is, and usually it is one of the complications of pre-eclampsia called. This syndrome and Syndrome at the end of the pregnancy, and also a little ahead of childbirth comes up.

symptoms may include feeling fatigue, fluid retention, headaches, nausea, pain in the regions of the top and the right side of the abdomen, etc. blurred vision, bleeding nose, and seizures and is sick from high blood pressure, anemia suffering with them.

symptoms such as; can increase coagulation, wide the inside of the vascular (DIC), the problems and the rupture of the pair, and kidney failure for the patients is likely.

early detection and accurate as based on laboratory and imaging is for the treatment and management of disease is essential, and the mortality rate will greatly reduce.

the diagnosis of this syndrome is challenging, especially due to that can be the symptoms of several incidence in ... and health care professionals agree, as well as similarities to a few other eating disorder, and even similarities to the symptoms of pregnancy, normal) may result in detection of late or confused.

a general agreement on three criteria, the major diagnostic of HELLP syndrome, which includes impaired liver function, etc., thrombocytopenia, and hemolytic anemia in patients with suspected pre-eclampsia....
What is PUPPP ?
Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy
Papules and plaques itchy pregnancy (PUPPP) is mainly used in the pregnancy first and in the third quarter can be seen and the garlic itself limited.

introducing the patient: a woman 24-year-old belly, the first few hours after termination of pregnancy with rash, severely itchy that scratch on the belly, creating and then to the limbs was spread, following. The lesions mature, a biopsy was prepared. In pathology, no evidence of infiltrates, superficial lymphocytic with slight neutrophil and eosinophil matches with a view PUPPP was seen. Test, immunofluorescence, direct and indirect, was negative. According to the view of the clinical and normal results with a diagnosis of PUPPP for patient treatment with Clobetasol topical start was that the lesions after a week, completely disappeared.

conclusion: PUPPP may non-classic, update, track, and pay attention to the view of the clinical and pathologic side by side to detect the necessary to appear....
What is ECT ?
ElectroConvulsive Therapy
Treatment of hit with electrical seizures, the (ECT) or ECT or shock therapy electric treatment of mental disorders with use of cross flow of electricity from the brain.

treatment with electric shock or "shock treatment" is called. In this manner, the treatment device shock therapy (ECT machine) can be used, and these devices can be electrical type direct DC to produce and depending on the type of machine, need and application ... a current between 200 MA (0/2 amps) up to 1600 mAh (1/6 amp), A voltage of 70 volts up to 450 volts, and for a period of 1 to 6 seconds, that is used through the two electrode sites on the scalp to be installed, the flow passes. This electrical current is usually less than a second can be connected, causing a volley wide in the cells of the nervous the brain and be a mode similar to attack epileptic are created. After a few minutes, and the return of consciousness, the patient in proportion to the events that immediately before the shock, have happened, etc. does, and usually an hour later or more, Mode confusion is. Continue treatment for three to five times a week, the patient will suffer from disorientation works. State, which usually after the therapy is discontinued, gradually will improve.

the seizure spurred a lot of changes in the central nervous system and peripheral used. Seizures, or autonomic nervous activates. Despite the passage of half a century of benefiting from ECT, etc., yet complete information on the cause of improving the patients to mediate this type of treatment in the rest.

in the 1940's and 1950's, ECT for the treatment of all mental disorders, including schizophrenia, and was, but nowadays, based on research participation. shock therapy is mainly used for depressed patients, which is attributed to antidepressants do not respond to the suicide of government. is used....