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Acronym References

What is ESRD ?
End Stage Renal Disease
Kidney disease, the final stage...
What is PLP ?
Pyridoxal Phosphate
PLP vitamin phosphate that in the presence of phosphate, and to help enzyme kinase from , etc. and (different forms of B6) comes in and plays a very important role in biochemical reactions, including protein metabolism (amino acids), the neurotransmitters (acid gamma-aminobutyric and. serotonin, etc), glycogen and ... vitamin B6 is essential for the production of niacin (vitamin B3) from the amino acid tryptophan, etc. metabolism of hemoglobin (a protein found in red blood cells) and... there....
What is PMD ?
Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
Foreign bodies, or the hump of the cornea (Keratoconus), a disease of the cornea of the eye. This disease, usually in their teens or early third decade of life occurs. In this disease the cornea is thin and its shape is changed. The cornea naturally form a rounded or spherical, but in foreign bodies (keratoconus the cornea), the cornea bulges and tapered shape can be. This change on the refraction of light when entering the eye effect and reduced clarity of vision can be. Foreign bodies may be in one or both eyes occur, but 90 % of cases both eyes can be seen.

recognize foreign bodies (keratoconus the cornea) may be due to the occurrence and slow progress of it difficult. This disease may be with myopia and astigmatism is associated with the result may lead to lack of clarity and blurred vision be. The patient may also suffer from Aura, nose, and sensitivity to light. Patients are usually at any time, a visit to the eye doctor version their change to the hive after a while, remain constant.

the cause of the foreign bodies (the hump of the cornea) is still not known. However, this disease is hereditary, but the genetics of the ... environment, or some disease, probably in the incidence of effective. Rub firmly the eyes, although the cause of keratoconus, the cornea is not, but in the process of creating it ineffective is not, therefore, to patients with keratoconus the cornea is recommended that rubbing the eye, to avoid.

the disease is usually between ten and twenty years after the occurrence of resonance can be ( and the patient becomes more) and even in some cases to see the patient hurts, but fortunately, it is not dangerous. Keratoconus the cornea advanced and untreated one of the common causes of corneal transplant is the transplant of the cornea generally results successfully there.

in the past in patients with keratoconus the cornea of the applied laser surgery such as LASIK – Lasek or PRK wasn't use, because they cause aggravation disease was, but with the advent of the technique (Collagen Cross-Linking, or CXL) can be used for time or in the next step troubleshoot the refractive eye (no eye) with a laser (usually PRK) treated....
What is ILD ?
Interstitial Lung Disease
Diseases published lungs called disease, interstitial lung (ILD), also called. Agent damage to the lungs in this group of diseases is possible through direct toxicity and by creating an inflammatory response or to intermediary reactions immunological to be created. In a disease published lung with the entry of inflammatory cells into the interstitial tissue of the lungs. far out in space and vascular space housewife along that creates or inflammation of the veins can be, and in full and continuity in the process. pulmonary fibrosis happens. In some cases, the disease agent is identified, but in most cases, the unknown remains and just reply It is visible. Radiation external and some medications may also cause disease published pulmonary return....
What is MERS-COV ?
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus
Coronavirus upload (Coronaviruses) a large family of viruses that are Disease different from common colds taken up syndrome, acute and severe respiratory or the same as the SARS (SARS) make. This condition is called Syndrome, respiratory failure, Middle East, is known briefly that MERS-CoV can be read....
What is GRID ?
Gay-Related Immune Deficiency
Immunodeficiency related to homosexuality...
What is IVD ?
Induced Vaginal Delivery
An induced vaginal delivery is a delivery involving labor induction, where drugs or manual techniques are used to initiate the process of labor. Use of the term \"IVD\" in this context is less common than for instrumental vaginal delivery....
What is SVD ?
Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
Natural childbirth the spontaneous (SVD) occurs when pregnant women without the use of medication, etc. tools, auxiliary, or techniques, energized, supplier delivery, etc. your baby to the manner natural to the world can bring....