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Acronym References

What is MHR ?
Maximal Heart Rate
To get the target heart rate there are several approaches, which the athlete or trainer to easily means it can be target heart rate for the workout division. To this end, the prime should be max heart rate (MHR) to accurately weighed. to achieve this goal, the athlete can have all the exercise and heart rate, the device electrocardiography recorded. Because the recorded heart rate by electrocardiography in the out of lab environment is very difficult., the number 220 for men and women, on average, and the default expression be; and since the heart rate with age is whatever the age, higher heart rate maximum is reduced. Thus the estimated heart rate max easy can be:

What is ITP ?
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Thrombocytopenia (ITP) impaired in platelets, blood, or are said to be. This disorder, the more reduced the number to less than 50,000 currently, blood is pitted.[1] the number of platelets naturally about 150 thousand to 450 thousand PCs in currently the blood.[2] stay out for up to two percent of the numerical value of this interval can not be disease to be considered, but the platelet count is below 50000 as an emergency is considered to be.[3] and in the number of below 20000, the risk of death from bleeding, spontaneous and alluring, digestive, and brain there. Usually there is disorders and failure in homeostasis, or the process of blood coagulation, the for bleeding, subcutaneous and mucous the incidence of finds, especially if the reason of disorder of blood coagulation, reducing the number of platelets, or the lack of proper functioning of platelets to be. This spotting, bleeding, subcutaneous ( under mucous) based on the size of the name , etc. purpurea and name this are....
What is CABG ?
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Treatments reduce blood flow of the arteries of the heart, too far to the two methods for accepts: "angioplasty" (PCI), which by the practitioners of heart and accepted in the community as "the balloon and springs" is known, and the method of open surgery, blood supply is to the practice of the bypass (away nasty) is famous. "Bypass surgery vein coronary artery bypass graft" that can be "transplant surgery distant, nasty, vessels of the crown, like the heart," named (arteries, the corner left and right like a crown on a heart level SIT). The word bypass in English the meaning of the act to clearly track: create a track away-nasty, that the shortness of the vessels, the corner bypasses. This means that with the creation of a split by a transplanted vascular area, cramping, and tightness of the arteries, corner torn away or make a shortcut by grafting coronary for blood supply will be created.

The reason the implementation of this steel cramps and tightness (up to the limit of complete obstruction) vessels, the corner which is used in a variety of conditions is detected, and the capability of the treatment with the shock absorber and the balloon do not. The final diagnosis clogging and blockage of the coronary artery by angiography is performed and the decision to perform the bypass by taking the results of clinical data and clinical and diagnostic supplement can be....
What is PCNL ?
PerCutaneous NephroLithotomy
Stone breaker all of the way skin...
What is LGA ?
Large for Gestational Age
Great for the reproductive age (LGA) baby and that the weight of their above 90 percent of the weight of society in that age, fertility is....
What is AGA ?
Appropriate for Gestational Age
Suitable for reproductive age (AGA) children are that weight their the top 10 percent of the weight of society in that age and below 90 percent of the weight of society in that age, fertility is....
What is AND ?
Allow Natural Death
Allow Natural Death (AND) is a medical term defining the use of life-extending measures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)....
What is TNM ?
Tumor, Node, Metastases
The severity of types of breast cancer Breast Cancer for 0 to 4 grid layout is. Each grid has the signs and treatment methods differently.
breast cancer four grid, and the physician of the naming system TNM to identify the four grid breast cancer uses.

the letters TNM to the meaning of the following:

T stands for tumor and indicates how much of the breast tissue involved in cancer has been.
N stands for Node and indicates that the cancer to lymph nodes has spread or not.
M stands for metastasis and indicates that the cancer to other parts of the body is expanded or not.
the system of naming types of cancer TNM of numbers, also uses. The numbers from 0 to 4 determined that the cancer, how much progress has been.

This system by the Joint Committee, the American Cancer (AJCC), surveillance can be. it means that all the doctors of the cancer, grade of cancer, to form the above-mentioned descriptions and the classification of work.

to determine the amount of progress and stage of breast cancer, the doctor tests will do. Experiments include testing blood, CT scan, PET scan, MRI, etc. - rays, X-rays. mammography and ultrasound is....