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Acronym References

What is FOXP3 ?
Forkhead Box P3
Protein FOXP3 that with the name "" (Scurfin) is also known. is a protein that in response, a safety device body involved. This molecule component of the protein family, FOX and is a main regulator in the process of organizing the expression of genes in the context of the evolution and function of lymphocytes, t-regulator can be considered. Lymphocytes, t-regulator, in total they reduce the immune response. In the flow of cancer, increase the activity of the lymphocytes caused by your body's immune system fails to well with the cancer cells fight. When the incidence of disease, autoimmune disease, reducing the activity of lymphocytes, t-regulator causes other immune cells to the tissue itself in the body, attacking.

although the exact mechanism of control and regulation of these molecules has not yet determined. the protein, FOX, themselves, belong to the large family system factors, transcription spiral winged/ that are probably the same verb can increase free radicals connection used in the flow regulating transcription of a DNA. used.

in the model, system, lymphocytes, t-regulator, transcription factor FOXP3, etc. the promoter gene involved in the performance of this type of lymphocytes has occupied, and possibly after stimulation, receptors, lymphocytes, t -, thereby transcribe genes, the main and most important in this field.

the gene coding FOXP3 has 11 exons and has been on the arm of the short chromosome X (in particular, the position Xp11.23) is located.

apart the role that FOXP3 in the field of differentiation of lymphocytes, t-regulator has the evidence several of the important role of this gene and in the creation of cancer there is. This gene is probably a gene repressive and tumor reducing activities that in the examples of breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer have been reported.

protein, FOXP3 herself enzymes, antineoplastic, such as CD8 + and CD39. Hyperactivity CD39 in patients with melanoma, cancer, blood, cancer of the pancreas, colon cancer and ovarian cancer have been reported.

the mutation or disorder in the direction of the regulator Foxp3, leading to the occurrence of diseases autoimmune disease is specific to tissue, such as autoimmune or type 1....
What is FOX ?
Forkhead Box
Proteins, FOX (English: FOX proteins") or "protein box " a group of transcription factors that play an important role in the expression of genes that grow, reproduce, etc. the distinction and lasting cellular effective. Many of these proteins in the evolution of the fetus play a role. Many of these factors, pioneer are and can during the process of cellular differentiation, chromatin, dense (Of ) stick together.

the characteristic of this molecule, a second is actually a sequence motif consisting of 80 to 100 amino acids is that DNA is connected. This motif because of The Shape of the butterfly in his belly, available in the structure of the second protein, called factors, transcription spiral winged also known. Proteins , etc. of protein, HTH....
What is FOXO1 ?
Forkhead Box Protein O1
Protein box O1 is a protein that is Gene "FOXO1" is coded. Protein FOXO1 herself through on several of your root can be regulated and the properties of the transcription, it depends on the situation it.

This protein is a transcription factor that plays an important role in the regulation of and the citric acid cycle through the signaling of insulin and also the conversion cell, the precursor fat and speciation.

This protein in and differentiation of cells, neuron, muscle and also in regulating the cycle of cells and create apoptosis plays an important role....
What is SIV ?
Simian Immunodeficiency Viruses
Virus, immunodeficiency monkey (SIV) virus, are at least 45 species of primates African with.

virus, SIV, in fact, the agent is coming to the HIV virus be is that the two types of HIV-1 and HIV-2 split. It seems that both HIV-1 and HIV-2 in principle, it belongs to primates the center of Africa, has been in the early Twenty-First Century to the human body have been transferred. HIV-1 originally belonged to the southern regions of Cameroon and has evolved immunodeficiency virus monkey that among chimps, the wild outbreak.. Also, the virus HIV-2 evolved virus SIV, among species, monkeys to name smoked, which is in West Africa (from southern Senegal to western Ivory Coast) life. Beveled like the monkey night compared to HIV-1 are resistant, and this is probably due to a type of gene, linkage of two species of resistant virus in it.

evidence that is available suggests that in the hunting or sale of animal involvement, had suffered from the virus, SIV. Although the SIV virus is weak that the defense system of the human body, deal with it and makes more than a few weeks in the human body does not remain, but the transfer is fast and consecutive, It, human, different enough time to the virus to convert it to HIV. In addition, due to the low rate of transmission person-to-person disease, SIV can only through a large number people at risk out that it is believed that before the twentieth century, such a demographic existed....
What is HTLV ?
Human T-Cell Lymphotrophic Viruses
Virus human T type one (HTLV-1) is a RNA, human, which is the Leukemia and T cells in the adult and may be in the disease, certain company does, including:weakness, spastic topical. The genome of this virus that contains two copies of a AR one iPhone, single-stranded viral that the body is host to a DNA , copied that with the genome of host cell integration. At this stage, the virus. said to be. Virus or adult(ALTV), a race from this virus is mainly the adult involved. Virus, leukemia, bauvin (BLV) is associated too closely with this virus....
What is KS ?
Kaposi Sarcoma
Ewing , a type of cancer of the skin are relatively rare is that in humans is common and can be there it is on the other creatures denied. This disease causes the emergence of skin lesions, brown – pink color on a variety of levels the body and cause swelling in these areas. Since this disease in the natural state, the body active. it can be one of the opportunistic diseases, he said. A common feature of this species of disease, the suppression of it by the immune system in Normal mode, the body, and it activates in case of immunodeficiency.

This disease of the discoveries Moritz physician of the Austrian-Hungarian.

the disease often in case of weakness of the safety device to be created. This weakness can also be many factors. One of the most important weakening, manufacturers, machine, safety aids. so can this disease the main factor susceptible to disease sarcoma know. Expensive research the disease based on how to risk divided into three categories, they:

classical form: in this case, in areas the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, is more common and around the toes and heels can be seen.

form TGR: in this case, Ewing two types. common type in the world, and the kind common in regions, Sub-Saharan Africa. It is necessary be mentioned that this mode of communication and affiliation with the HIV virus.

dependent on the weakness of a safety device: this disease is usually surgery, organ transplants, etc. in the acceptor member is created, which can be based on the weakening of the immune system by surgeons or transmission, virus, HHV8 from the member's provider to the member borrower. The progress of this disease in people compared to other types is faster and there are different types of.

dependent on AIDS or : this disease state is relatively more dangerous and aggressive than other types of sarcoma and in different parts of the skin, including the face, neck, back, abdominal areas, comes. In the position, the more acute can be the appendage to the stomach, lungs and other areas of the body's internal also found.

the process of duplicating the progress and transmission of the disease in people is usually slowly takes place, and usually treatable. This disease is often not fatal unless on the inner surfaces of the body, teleportation. Can be said in all forms of this cancer, viral called HHV8 among the factors, the disease can be found that the herpes virus human 8 famous.

geographically, can be areas of the Mediterranean and African the most important centers of the outbreak, and developing the disease knew that, of course, in ancient times the density of patients at these points more than other points, to the time now. With this is that this disease is so common, was not, is not, but men of Jewish and Mediterranean more to the disease were. Since the scientists, parts of the African place of birth and center, the prevalence of HIV, the virus ... can this Points other center disease, sarcoma thing. because it was said the HIV virus (agent of AIDS) the most important factor to catching this cancer.

since this cancer great dependence with the HIV virus. ways of transfer, it is also similar to the disease, which can be found using the syringe is shared. sexual activity uncontrolled and ... named. In general, whenever a factor weakening the immune system of the body. percent of cancer sharply increases.

the prevalence of the disease among men is more age range, catching, form, disease depends. In terms of genetics also, if gene a weakness of safety in the personal, there is the risk in which the individual goes up....
What is MeSHs ?
Medical Subject Headings
Headings, thematic, medical, mesh, set lexical which is the National Library of Medicine, USA (NLM) created the indexing of articles, publications, and books Biological Sciences.

What is SV40 ?
Simian Virus 40
SV40, which stands for "virus monkey 40 creator " the name of a bridge is that monkeys and humans can be found.

the virus its name from The numerous takes that first time in the cells of green monkey, was seen.

As with other poly . SV40 is also a DNA virus that potentially the ability to create cancer tumors in animals., but more as an infection, stealth, remains in the body.

After the discovery of this virus, it was found that between the years 1955 to 1963]. about 90% of children and 60% of adult in the United States of America with the vaccine, polio infected with this virus. vaccinated.

in the year 1962 ad, Bernice Eddy discovered that SV40 is a virus, carcinogenic and that cells of the monkey infected with the virus inoculation. to Ewing and with Will....
What is BFHI ?
Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
Plan of the hospital, the child (briefly BFHI) program, the global common of the World Health Organization, the Global Alliance, Action for breast-feeding, etc., UNICEF and other organizations is that in 1991, after the plan and the declaration, the 1990 basic investment and operation. This plan is an attempt the world to improve the maternal role and serve the mothers and babies their to start a better life. The main goal of this plan improve the health of pregnant women, etc., with the baby, newly born and newborns with medical facilities for care, promote a culture of breastfeeding and support it in accordance with the law, international marketing milk substitute,.

the criteria for having the license, the Official Plan of the hospital, the child include:

has the policy of breast-feeding to be written, which is normally on all health care workers can be done.
all employees of the department health care for the implementation of these policies should have the skills necessary seen.
all pregnant women about the benefits and advantages of breast-feeding know.
mothers to start breastfeeding within half an hour after the birth to help.
How to lactation and keep it to mothers show, even if it should be of your baby apart.
the babies, who were born any food or drink other than breastmilk, not even sips of water do not unless the doctor prescribed.
take care-inner child to, teach, etc., that allow mothers and babies to be 24 hours a day with each other.
feeding with a request to, taught and encouraged.
the babies any kind of pacifier, etc. Tate, or similar material, it will not be given.
at the time of hospital discharge, etc., to groups or centers, breastfeeding and support breastfeeding for any kind of help introduce.
This program also all the companies of commercial infant formula for the free sample foods is the successor or it barred.

between the years 1991 and 2005, about 15,000 Center, child to the world was active, and on behalf of the organization of Health Control, and authorization was given....
What is WABA ?
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action
The Global Alliance, Action for breast-feeding (abbreviated WABA) is a network of communication between people is to world to expand the breastfeeding culture, Breastfeeding Action. The group with problems from several perspectives collide include breast-feeding, etc., health, and TripAdvisor breast-feeding. In the midst of all the Centers and institutions identify that for the genesis of WABA. Drake and Patrice two expert Affairs, Pediatrics, and nutrition of infants in the visible, and do several primary role Great.

WABA also the Global week of breastfeeding to the organization and the bureau does that to seven days every year that from 1 August to 7 August is continuing to be told. The event, Global, Annual To join all of the sponsors, the government and the institution of breastfeeding around the world in more than 170 countries....
What is BSE ?
Breast Self-Examination
Breast self-examination (abbreviated BSE) is one of a variety of methods to identify breast cancer early. This method just with your deal is that should any part of the tits that protrude in. the fractures, or the swelling is.

The BSE, the former as one of the main methods of finding cancer in its early stages, curable known. but the results one of the research, the RCT indicates this entry was that this method in the Prevention of death, of cancer, influential and not, in fact, cause the loss of through, are being required to biopsy and surgery.

a lot of methods for breast self-examination are used. Most methods proposed, in front of the mirror and bust up the front to occur, the person puts. He must then to the mirror for any outward symptoms of the bezel, swelling or redness in or around the breast. This should be in several different modes will be repeated, like the hands between the thigh and again on the head.

should be after it with the palm of the fingers, touch up any kind of bulge (what is apparent and what is indent in the tissue) or difficult to find. Several step different there are that must be that every step correctly performed make sure to be made.

step vertical includes moving the finger up and down on it. Step other it from the nipple starts, and goes out. Step circular or circular involves moving the fingers in the ring, up the center of the nipple to the outside. Some , proposes to divide, into four quadrants and checking each quadrant separately. The process of touch, etc., the entire breast is covered. including the \"tail armpit\" of each, that to each armpit extending a given. The medical, usually standing in front of the mirror and in a state of lying can be done.

finally, women who are breast-feeding or not should be gently, press up, mode, the drain or not material, inner, checked.

a variety of devices mnemonic device as a training provider, are used. One of those with the name of seven the wake of SS (the seven P\'s of BSE) to be known, that because of the seven letters, the first of the seven steps, this is the truth or not of the same name is known: state, environment, touch, the pressure, pattern, practice and planning.

for women before menopause, most methods show that this self-examination due to fluctuations in hormones, change in breasts, in the same stage of the menstrual cycle, done. When, most of all, recommended, just after the end of the menstrual period, or period, is because of this that, at this time less hard and swollen. Women who, after menopause, or irregular periods. can your once a month regardless of menstrual cycle, self-examination....
What is MMSE ?
Mini Mental State Examination
A short test mental status, or MMSE test is to assess the quality of consciousness, the diagnosis and screening of dementia, that the maximum it scores 30.

This is a test of 3 items 5 points -any item it 5 questions is a privilege. 3 items 3 points, an item, two points and four items by 1 points is formed. Items, 5 points, it contains:Time Orientation, Place Orientation, and Serial Sever. Items, points, it contains: run the command three-step (like Get Up, way Go, etc. sit) recent memory, and memory is immediate. Items by two points, it designates the two objects is that each object A rating. Items a concession, it also includes reading, writing, etc. the repeat and shape.

least privilege for individuals with higher education 29. The minimum rating for people with secondary education 27. The minimum rating for the Basic Education 25. The minimum score for individuals, illiterate 19....
What is LEEP ?
Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure
Steel with electrical loop (LEEP), where an electrical current to remove the tissue and abnormal use....
What is HPV ?
Human Papilloma Virus
Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a viral that more than all at the time of sexual intercourse, and through direct contact between the skin of the people is transferred. Over 100 types or strains of HPV is there. Most men and women who have this infection are from this thread unaware of. because in the body, they symptoms or health problems is not created. But in some cases, certain types of HPV can be in different parts of the body causing warts (lumps, abnormal and non-cancerous on the skin), or genital warts, can. In other cases, etc. certain types of HPV can lesions, pre-cancerous (i.e., areas, tissue and abnormal), or cancer creating.

almost 60 types of HPV are capable of causing warts, typical courses, that this wart, in some areas of the body such as the hands and feet, to arise. Almost 40 types of this virus, HPV, \"kind of large\" call, which may lead to genital warts. This virus, when the contact of the reproductive organs, etc. usually, during sex, from the way, or the best, from the personal to the other person. This virus can Way Sex, by Mouth, also be transferred. HPV is the most common agent of disease is through sexual intercourse transfer.

types of genital HPV can genital women, including the vulva (outer part of the vagina), the lining, and the neck of the uterus, the lower part and Slim a woman\'s uterus), as well as the genital area of men, including the penis, men\'s, infected. Both in women and in men, HPV genital can the anus and some areas of the head and neck, the contaminated formation. Sometimes, \"low-risk\" HPV, genital, etc. from all over more HPV – 6 and HPV – 11, can cause warts or lesions, genital on or around the these places to there comes. Size, shape, and number of these masses may be variable. and these lumps are rarely cancer leading to.

possibility of creating cancer by some types of genital HPV, more. and the variety HPV \"high-risk\" call. Usually, a safety device or infected with HPV low risk or high risk of this infection, gets rid of virus damage, does not enter. But in some people it causes inflammation and permanent (lasting), there comes that to Kennedy, etc., often over many years, causing changes in normal cells can be that the possibility of changes to create lesions, pre-cancerous or cancer lead....
What is JCT ?
Juxtaglomerular Cell Tumor
Tumor cells adjacent to the glomerular that its other name "" set and briefly "JGCT" or "JCT" can be said, are a kind of a very rare form of kidney cancer that, so far, only 100 cases of it reported.

these tumors usually secrete a enzyme renin and can cause high blood pressure and uncontrollable children and adult.

This cancer in adolescence and youth is more common and often call the tumor benign think, but how much it is likely to malignancy converter. not yet been determined.

this tumor for the first time in 1967, it was reported, and since then 100 cases of it reported. Review genetic in some patients has shown in the cancer, parts of chromosomes 9 and 11 is gone.

In this condition, in addition to high blood pressure (sustained and sometimes attack. secondary and hypokalemia also is likely, but patients also reported that any signs do not have.

When diagnosis, this disease often with "carcinoma of kidney" make mistakes and do "CT scan dynamics" can distinguish these two..

In most cases, the tumor coverage (within a capsule located) and with steel, it is treatable. Just a case of the spread (metastasis) of this tumor have been reported....
What is ENB ?
Esthesio Neuro Blastoma
Cancer), or ), (English: Esthesioneuroblastoma) is a rare form of cancer includes the nasal cavity, and it is believed that the epithelium of smell arise. That can cause vision loss, and taste. This is that often it is synonymous with “ smell”knows, but the tissue of origin is still not well clear. Along with 8 is observed. This is the first in 1924 was marked.

to report the BBC, only 200 cases of the disease worldwide in the past two decades has been recorded. In the United States of America between the years 1978 to 1990, only 84 cases have been reported....
What is E.coli ?
Escherichia coli
Escherichia coli, or in a glance E. coli, typical Bacillus gram-negative family that is common in the intestines of warm-blooded animals there. Most strains of E. coli, are not harmed, but some of The such as O157:H7, cause food poisoning and diarrhea. This strain, harassment, etc. part of the flora of the normal intestine. It is in the production of vitamin K2 play a role, and of the establishment of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine prevent. The bacteria, 0/1%, and the intestinal flora have to be allocated. This bacteria, through the path of fecal-oral route (oral - fecal) from one person to the other person passed.

the most common agent of urinary tract infection, which is about 90% of urinary tract infection in young women dedicated to the. Clinical signs of this infection for frequent urination, etc. burning, urinary, etc. blood in the urine and pus in the urine.

drift (divergence) free, and salmonella, at around 102 million years ago (between 57 to 176 million years ago) coincides with the derivation and evolution of host their happened: , mainly in mammals can be found, and salmonella in birds and reptiles can be found. After that, the derivation to 5 species E. albertii, etc., E. coli, E. fergusonii, etc., E. hermannii and E. vulneris have occurred. The last ancestor to E. coli., the 20 to 30 million years ago, the derivation the findings.

in 1885, the first time Theodore (Theodor Escherich), the bacteria in the feces of healthy people, finds it Bacterium coli commune called. Then, in 1895, by (Migula), a bacillus (Bacillus coli) was called, and later in the sex (in honor of its discoverer) re-classified. belongs to a group of bacteria called total coliform (coliforms). It is a member of the family ....
What is SAH ?
Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage
Bleeding, , or bleeding Saab (SAH) is a type cerebral hemorrhage is usually due to brain damage caused. In some cases, the cause of its rupture, aneurysm, stroke, or congenital abnormalities of venous arterial in the brain. Increased blood pressure, status-enhancing estrogen, and drug can of the risk factors, the blood type plan.

This bleeding usually for extremely severe can be your show. Also, symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, , etc. symptoms of irritation of the meninges, reduction of consciousness and signs of focal nerve may be observed.

diagnosis with the use of a CT scan without the use of contrast takes place. In some cases, may be pulling the water up the spinal cord (LP) for the diagnosis used. Also, detection methods, other as The , CDs, t-, etc. can be used. The governor of the Golden diagnostic for aneurysm, cerebral angiography of brain vessels.

these patients are usually in intensive care (ICU) hospitalization. For the prevention or control of seizures from anti-seizure medications used. The use of nimodipine, and similar drugs together for the Prevention of the occurrence of recommended

of the effects of this haemorrhage is that during the 4-14 days after the occurrence of haemorrhage may create. detection and begin with the use of Doppler Sonography of the cerebral arteries. Other effects of this haemorrhage include hydrocephalus, etc. drop in sodium blood, diabetes insipidus, etc., arrhythmia can be....
What is TBI ?
Traumatic Brain Injury
Concussion (the symbol of the abbreviation TBI) occurs when a force exterior on the cerebral cortex be entered. Concussion based on severity of the. mechanism, or other features to be classified. A head trauma, due to the inclusion of the damage on the skull and head conceptually wider than the concussion. Concussion is one of the most important and the most common reasons of death or disability around the world. TBI in men more than women, and in children and adolescents more than adults and is generally due to accident, falling from a height, and a panic occurs....
What is RDS ?
Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Respiratory distress syndrome of newborns(or RDS) is a disorder of the lung life threatening which is caused by lack of surfactant.

this disorder mainly with the early being the baby in the relationship is at the helm of the causes of death of infants premature are located, because the lungs of the baby, premature in terms of the amount and also composition of surfactant defects.

baby, in the beginning of breathing, with severe of surfactant stored cell is the surface tension of cells, the perimeter decreases, but in this syndrome, the alveoli, because of a defect in the composition or the inadequacy of the surfactant on the sleeping () and , respiratory, and duct , and containing liquid, skip.

IRDS can be with the arrival of synthesized or with the origin of the animal into the lungs through the tube of a cure.

Also, with the infusion of Betamethasone in weeks 35 and 36 of pregnancy can be the rate of RDS decreased.

surfactant, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal as well....