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Acronym References

What is FLU ?
Influenza, or the grip epidemic is by some form of virus, Aran of the family (Orthomyxoviridae) can be created. This type of virus in birds and mammals, the disease creates. The disease causes an acute infection of the respiratory tract can be that with sudden headache, pain of muscles, fever, weakness and extreme lethargy will appear. Three type of influenza virus called A (a), B (b), W (c) is there. The brigade (including in humans and animals. Brigade in humans and mammals, and the brigade thirty only seen in humans. In the International Committee on nomenclature of viruses virus type Di is also in this family can be observed .ICTV in the normal course of the disease 3 to 4 days. Disease the flu is a respiratory infection of short duration, but the size of the extreme in healthy subjects and adult can be considered. In the elderly, children and people with underlying condition, heart, respiratory threatening is. The flu, first time in 1933 in 4 isolated.

the symptoms of the disease can be mild or severe. . Fever and chills, headaches, muscle aches, including low back pain, fatigue, cough (which may be with sputum is associated with), etc. strep throat, etc. create sores are inside the mouth-the nose-the surface of the skin, hoarseness, etc. (vomiting and nausea), which, because it of the syndrome Rey. Strep throat itching of the body, weariness of common symptoms, the disease are. These symptoms usually two days after exposure to the virus, the incidence will usually less than a week remain. However, cough may be more than two weeks to be viewed. Influenza in all ages, except during infancy, can be seen. Nausea and vomiting may in children be observed, but in the mature conventional are not. The sudden outbreak of different types of the flu almost every winter occur, and its severity is different. Symptoms similar to the common cold along with muscle pain and lethargy in the extent to which the patient can come out of bed does not have the symptoms of add, subtract, influenza from other respiratory diseases is infectious.

almost 33% of individuals suffering from disease of influenza lacks the symptoms of this disease.

the emergence of symptoms of influenza may be one or two days after catching the quite a sudden start. Usually, chills, and body aches the first signs are, but Fever is also common symptoms at the beginning of catching the disease is body temperature to the range 38 to 39 degrees Celsius (about 100 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit) can seem. A lot of people to the size of the patient can be several days in bed would be like, and pain beams, and dragging that across your body, experience that on the back of the body and legs more painful they are....
What is INDIC ?
Indomethacin are anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal (NSAID) and is so medicinal, housing and anti-inflammatory is. Indometacin Mosconi is very strong is usually to reduce joint pain for the elderly may be prescribed. The power of anti-pain being the housing of the Piroxicam is greater. This drug with brand names INDIC and INDOSUPP also supplied. This medication for capsule 25 milligram, pills, slow release 75-milligram and suppositories 50 and 100 milligram be provided.

amount of drug:
adults: initially, 25 to 50 mg, two to three times a day. Then a week of work to the extent of 25 to 50 mg in every turn increases. The amount of daily intake of a maximum of 200 mg can be. After getting the result of the dosage to the lowest dose reduced.

children:1/5 to 2/5 mg per kg of body weight on a daily basis in three or four turns.The maximum allowable amount of 4 mg per kg of body weight. After getting the result of the amount of consumption to the lowest limit that symptoms of the disease to control the reduced.

the most common side effects: digestive disorders, etc. nausea and diarrhea, severe headache during the morning. Drowsiness, dizziness, etc. upset, nervous, etc. tinnitus and insomnia, and...

This medication should be at a temperature less than 30 degrees Celsius and away from light, moisture, and the inside of the box servicing....
What is SIADH ?
Syndrome of Inappropriate Secretion of Antidiuretic Hormone
The syndrome of secretion of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone urinary...
What is FEMIDOM ?
Female Condom
A female condom (also known as a femidom or internal condom) is a barrier device that is used during sexual intercourse as a barrier contraceptive to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Meant as an alternative to the condom for males, it was invented by Danish MD Lasse Hessel and is worn internally by the female partner to prevent exposure to ejaculated semen or other body fluids. Its protection against STIs is inferior to that of male condoms. Female condoms can be used by the receptive partner during anal sex....
What is AD ?
Alzheimer Disease
Alzheimer\'s disease (abbreviated AD) or disease, forgetting briefly that Alzheimer\'s can be read, a type of disorder of brain function that gradually mental abilities of the patient, the analysis goes. The most striking type of the different types of dementia, memory impairment is. Memory impairment usually gradually builds and progresses. In the beginning, memory impairment as events and learned recent to be bound, but gradually, the memories are harmed. The patient answers a question that a few moments ago asked Is do and does again the same questions it asks. The patient lost and does not know where is laid. In the purchase of and the payment of money, gets in trouble and can not account hold. Gradually, in the recognition of friends and acquaintances, and naming names, they are also creating the problem. Low difficulty route navigation find, and if only out may go to be lost. In more severe cases, even the detection of the bedroom. kitchen, toilet and bath at the home she finds difficult. Incidence of impaired memory and thought process cause harm social functions, and personal patient and thus may cause depression, nervousness, and aggression in the patient.

one of the problems of dementia, the incidence of hallucinations and delirium. For example, a patient thinks of his wife he has betrayed, or neighbors, and caretakers intend to harm and plot against him have. The patient may be to the children pessimistic, be. Sometimes the patient people, for example parents died or relatives who are not and are not present can see.

in extreme cases, the patient to do things, basic personal need to help find and makes possible the ability to control the urine and stool from the. The patient suffered from dementia, may be in specific language and find the right words difficult to find, and the result is a low letter, and the corner to be stuck in. In more advanced cases, the patient , compared to the disease is lost and does not know suffer from the inability to do certain things and may Things risk do. Gradually, might, motor ability, the patient also undergoes damage and frequently his stability lost ground, and eat.

Alzheimer\'s is the most common form of dementia. The symptoms of this disease with the loss of power to maintain the information, particularly the temporary memory during the aging started and gradually with loss of power, detection time, depression, loss of strength, speech, etc., corner-making and, eventually, death, in effect, respiratory irritations, ends. Death after five to ten years from the occurrence of the symptoms of fall. but the disease, about twenty years before the appearance of symptoms started. This disease with the loss of neurons in some regions of the brain. necrosis of brain cells in different regions of the nervous system; create the structures of a protein spherical form, called plaque, aging (SP) in the neurons of some brain regions and structures of protein strands called NFT in the cell body of neurons, etc. will be determined.

this incurable disease the first German psychiatrist called Alzheimer in 1906, ad was introduced. Frequently, this disease in people over age 65 and the incidence of not found what is Alzheimer\'s, premature (less common) may be earlier than this age occur. In 2006 26 of the 6 million people in the world infected with the disease were, and it is projected that in 2050 ad of every 85 people with Alzheimer\'s exist. World Day for Alzheimer\'s: all-year on 21 September, or 30 September on the occasion of the World Day of Alzheimer\'s in the world, the ceremony and conference on the various to be held. The motto of the year 2008 this day (No time to lose) it. means that time to waste and we don\'t have.

five percent of the population aged 65 and above to Alzheimer\'s disease, moderate to severe are affected, and this despite the fact that 10 to 15% of elderly women in the same age group from Alzheimer\'s disease, mild suffer....
What is DDP ?
Dimethyl Diphenyl Pyrrolidine
Methadone (Methadone), a drug to be industrial, which is frequently referred to as a drug retainer for inhibiting the addiction to heroin and the drug goes to work.

methadone 1937 in Germany was built. After the end of World War II, was used and its usefulness in the control of addiction in the 1960's was discovered.

According to a legend, the famous "" (Dolophine) brand name drug name of Adolf Hitler taken, but in fact, this name from the Latin word (dolor) means the pain comes.

methadone treatment or treatment with a maintenance dose of methadone that the incidence of withdrawal symptoms of opium to prevent and demand, it reduces or eliminates, for the first time in years 1960 for the treatment of addiction to this substance is commonly used were.

the amount of consumption of the usual syrup methadone for adults as analgesic 5 to 20 mg and tablets or ampoules, it is 2٫5 up to 10 mg every four to eight hours. For the detoxification of addicts, usually from 15 to 100 mg syrup methadone a day is used.

the capability of methadone in curbing addiction caused by several factors:
- reduce the physical and psychological effects resulting from leave
- inhibit or reduce the desire to consume (thirst)
- reduce the caused by other drugs...
What is سمباد ?
سمینار موردی در بهداشت و درمان
This compendium of lessons "seminar case study in health care" or "" is. This lesson in sections Ma and PhD in health services management teaching can be....