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Acronym References

What is MDMA ?
Ecstasy (MDMA) pharmacological group of amphetamines and Amen is. 've Di've in public, people more with the name Ecstasy (EX, or XTC) be known. MDMA, increases the liberation of "serotonin" and "dopamine" and "noradrenaline" in the synapse and inhibit the reuptake of them.[3] the tablet, the X joy, it is amazing, and the feeling of intimacy with others, to bring the anxiety the person reduces. The manufacturer of this tablet Alexander American English, that it was in the year 1976 for the treatment of some mental disorders, had made....
What is CPT ?
Current Procedural Terminology
Terminology, measures, Medical, Common that medical codes raised by the Medical Association of America is and services of medical, surgical and diagnostic describes...
What is GHRH ?
Growth hormone releasing hormone
Growth hormon releasing hormon...
What is HRS ?
Hepatorenal Syndrome
Syndrome (often abbreviated HRS) is a medical condition is life-threatening, that the deterioration of rapid kidney function in people with cirrhosis or failure, a full liver to be formed.

HRS usually is fatal, unless a liver transplant done, although treatments such as dialysis can be from the progression of the disease to prevent.

HRS can be in patients with cirrhosis, hepatitis, severe alcoholic, or liver failure, impact, and usually when that happens liver function quickly because of the insult of a sudden, such as infection, bleeding, in the gastrointestinal tract, or excessive use of drugs urinary get worse.
What is TCM ?
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the set of therapies is that during the thousands of years in China to come there. Traditional Chinese medicine, the methods of traditional medicine in Japan and Korea is also in there.

comments this method is based on the issue that processes of the human body are interdependent, and constantly with the surrounding environment interacting. So this method of therapy, for prevention, fighting and treatment of diseases, looking for disharmony in the body and the environment around it can be.

Also, this method is based on a few philosophical framework, because the theory of Zheng, Fu, and the theory of yin (The Five Elements stem) is. This method always in a the structure of scientific activity, but does not some of the participants, the methods, efforts have been that it is in structural knowledge, Medical Intuitive, instead of up....