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Acronym References

What is CABG ?
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Treatments reduce blood flow of the arteries of the heart, too far to the two methods for accepts: "angioplasty" (PCI), which by the practitioners of heart and accepted in the community as "the balloon and springs" is known, and the method of open surgery, blood supply is to the practice of the bypass (away nasty) is famous. "Bypass surgery vein coronary artery bypass graft" that can be "transplant surgery distant, nasty, vessels of the crown, like the heart," named (arteries, the corner left and right like a crown on a heart level SIT). The word bypass in English the meaning of the act to clearly track: create a track away-nasty, that the shortness of the vessels, the corner bypasses. This means that with the creation of a split by a transplanted vascular area, cramping, and tightness of the arteries, corner torn away or make a shortcut by grafting coronary for blood supply will be created.

The reason the implementation of this steel cramps and tightness (up to the limit of complete obstruction) vessels, the corner which is used in a variety of conditions is detected, and the capability of the treatment with the shock absorber and the balloon do not. The final diagnosis clogging and blockage of the coronary artery by angiography is performed and the decision to perform the bypass by taking the results of clinical data and clinical and diagnostic supplement can be....
What is PCNL ?
PerCutaneous NephroLithotomy
Stone breaker all of the way skin...
What is LGA ?
Large for Gestational Age
Great for the reproductive age (LGA) baby and that the weight of their above 90 percent of the weight of society in that age, fertility is....
What is AGA ?
Appropriate for Gestational Age
Suitable for reproductive age (AGA) children are that weight their the top 10 percent of the weight of society in that age and below 90 percent of the weight of society in that age, fertility is....
What is AND ?
Allow Natural Death
Allow Natural Death (AND) is a medical term defining the use of life-extending measures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)....
What is TNM ?
Tumor, Node, Metastases
The severity of types of breast cancer Breast Cancer for 0 to 4 grid layout is. Each grid has the signs and treatment methods differently.
breast cancer four grid, and the physician of the naming system TNM to identify the four grid breast cancer uses.

the letters TNM to the meaning of the following:

T stands for tumor and indicates how much of the breast tissue involved in cancer has been.
N stands for Node and indicates that the cancer to lymph nodes has spread or not.
M stands for metastasis and indicates that the cancer to other parts of the body is expanded or not.
the system of naming types of cancer TNM of numbers, also uses. The numbers from 0 to 4 determined that the cancer, how much progress has been.

This system by the Joint Committee, the American Cancer (AJCC), surveillance can be. it means that all the doctors of the cancer, grade of cancer, to form the above-mentioned descriptions and the classification of work.

to determine the amount of progress and stage of breast cancer, the doctor tests will do. Experiments include testing blood, CT scan, PET scan, MRI, etc. - rays, X-rays. mammography and ultrasound is....
What is SRS ?
Sex Reassignment Surgery
Surgery sex change that to summary, SMS, RSS (SRS) is said to be the ... the surgery that the doctors to change the sex, physical volunteers are doing. People who change sex, male to female make up the genitals, like the vagina and the vulva to be called. is also one of the surgical methods of penis for trance, the woman to the man.

sometimes the doctor to change gender male to female with the use of part of the intestine, slim, person, penis to, he just does. This strict practice five or six hours it takes, and after six weeks, the patient recovering painfully will be. To complete the process, sometimes it is necessary within a few years, more than 20 the surgery done....
What is FFS ?
Facial Feminization Surgery
Steel female compression face, or FFS, a set of surgical procedures and restorative that features a men\'s facial to scenarios convert does. This surgery can include surgery, bone-like brow lift up. cosmetic surgery of the nose. planting species and prosthetic lips or not, such as removing facial hair, or items such be. Each face traits, secondary sex that there is a detection or being comfortable does not, for example, men, the nose bigger than women or are women chin than men. The Shape of the forehead and skull as well in between men and women is different. Change the shape of the forehead is one of the ways that can help be the face of the masculine to the feminine, turns out.

for a lot of transsexual surgery female storage the face of a stage medicine is considered essential to a person\'s turmoil, sex, drop him. This surgery may even be more surgery, sex change person to help and more relaxed person to give.

studies have shown that trance, and that steel female compression face have done a better quality of life and more relaxed compared to the people who have this surgery have not done the ... have.

often referred for surgery of the female storage face. transsexual are, but it is possible other people have like the converter legs, also called for this action are....
What is ICH ?
IntraCerebral Hemorrhage
Bleeding into the brain (ICH) is a subset of the bleeding inside the skull. This bleeding can be the effect of injuries or be created, such as bleeding from tumors, etc. , patients suffering from high blood pressure. In this bleeding usually areas of solid (homogeneous) within the tissue can be observed. And after 24 hours by a halo of edema surrounded it. edema one of ISIS love is a brain and, in effect, increase the permeability of the vessels of the brain, there comes....
What is APR ?
Abdominal Perineal Resection
APR to the meaning of the drooping uterus and bladder in the Medical is. The problem (disease), usually during the childbirth, especially the birth of coarse and / or after delivery of particles to create can be.

signs and symptoms :
1 - ك urine
2 - discharge, do not the bladder to fully
3 - feel the pain at the time of discharge, urine
4 - the feeling of falling below the pussy
5 - infections frequent bladder

6 - the optional enuresis when cough, laugh, walk and lift objects

care after the surgery :

- one days after surgery, the regimens of fluid to the observance of prayer and from the second day of the diet ordinary is. During the first few days after surgery, eat foods that cause bloating and constipation are avoided; and, fluid, abundant, and materials, the ultimate goal of a laxative drink.

- anti-ك according to doctor's orders, and the sort used.

- done, work heavy and ك objects, heavy, avoid.

- health surgery of you daily and 4-3 times the pelvic Betadine and warm water for 15 minutes sitting (drink a cup Betadine in a pelvic water )and then action to dry and keep them. Use hair dryer and reading lights zinc action to the process of expressing good way.

- from sitting for long duration or travel for long, avoid.

- if necessary, of syrup a laxative (according to doctor's orders, if) use.

- about to start the activity, the physical with the doctor, consult your pressure cooker.

the mark of danger after the surgery :
if there is severe pain and pressure in the surgery was heavy bleeding the outflow of secretion of the stink of the action and high fever, the vet believed refer....
What is AR ?
Aortic Regurgitation
Failure of the aortic valve

are usually by means of mark, the positive can be shown.




or by words of Mild to mild to. Moderate to medium Severe to severe can be shown....
What is VSD ?
Ventricular Septal Defect
VSD, there is a cavity in the wall between the ventricular or the same cavity, the bottom of the heart defect, the walls of the ventricular is called.

What is ASD ?
Atrial Septal Defect
ASD, there is a cavity in the wall between the atrial or the same cavity of the heart, defects of the walls, the atrial called....
What is PAP ?
Pulmonary Artery Pressure
PAP pressure of the pulmonary artery shows....
What is TR ?
Tricuspid Regurgitation
The tricuspid valve, or right atrioventricular valve, is on the right dorsal side of the mammalian heart, at the superior portion of the right ventricle. The function of the valve is to prevent back flow (regurgitation) of blood from the right ventricle into the right atrium during right ventricular contraction: systole.

The tricuspid valve usually has three leaflets, named the anterior, posterior, and septal leaflets. Each leaflet is connected via chordate tendineae to the anterior, posterior, and septal papillary muscles of the right ventricle, respectively. Tricuspid valves may also occur with two or four leaflets; the number may change over a lifetime....
What is NL ?
nl in medicine means normal ( normal or natural ) means....
What is EFW ?
Estimated Fetal Weight
EFW means the estimated weight of the fetus within the uterus on ultrasound and there is, as the name suggests, the size of the weight of the fetus will specify....
What is HC ?
Head Circumference
HC means the range of the head in the ultrasound and there is, as the name suggests, the size of the head of the fetus will specify....