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Acronym References

What is TCM ?
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the set of therapies is that during the thousands of years in China to come there. Traditional Chinese medicine, the methods of traditional medicine in Japan and Korea is also in there.

comments this method is based on the issue that processes of the human body are interdependent, and constantly with the surrounding environment interacting. So this method of therapy, for prevention, fighting and treatment of diseases, looking for disharmony in the body and the environment around it can be.

Also, this method is based on a few philosophical framework, because the theory of Zheng, Fu, and the theory of yin (The Five Elements stem) is. This method always in a the structure of scientific activity, but does not some of the participants, the methods, efforts have been that it is in structural knowledge, Medical Intuitive, instead of up....
What is MRV ?
Magnetic Resonance Venography
Words, the MRV is a type of medical imaging is to delineate the veins in the body can be used.

the veins are the paths of blood are that the blood from the organs of the body, you to the heart and oxygen from your lungs, returns, etc., so the blood with oxygen, and substances affect the impregnated and to the heart be returned.

maybe for you be interesting to know this type of imaging also with the same equipment, an MRI machine is done. An MRI machine is a device in the field working to the number that goes with the magnetic field works for this type of imaging used. This device is of particular technique and compelling for this type of imaging uses....
What is OME ?
Otitis Media with Effusion
Infection of the middle ear in the 18th century, outbreak frequency was found. But nowadays due to the advancement of Health, and therapeutic approaches to almost zero is reached. But still in the country such as Angola, there is this much on a global level, little can be

usually, the disease to the intermediary, there are such symptoms as negative pressure in the middle ear and fluid in the ear can be detected, and the mark or sign of systematic the other, based on the infection does not exist. Conductive hearing loss in the limit of moderate to be created and if in the early stages, infection is not treated, etc., can form a problem, intense and complex, the incidence does. Symptoms monitoring that are generally associated with the infections are active include:
- ear pain
- rubbing or pulling the ear
- discharge from the ear
- hearing loss
- balance disorder

symptoms of systemic middle:the
- fever
- a bad mood
- restless sleep
- irritability
- spells

According to studies, average threshold airway (AC) in children with secretion of the middle ear(MEE), the equivalent of 27 dB HL at the frequencies 500 and 1000, and 4000 Hertz, while the threshold of 2000 Hz, a little better, and the equivalent of 20 dB HL has been reported. In children the secretion of double-sided have., the average threshold is about 10 dB worse than the one-way Mode has been. The Shape of the usual hearing, PD () in middle ear infection, etc. to flat (Flat) or a slight drop in the low frequencies(Slightly Rising), and is usually a frequency of 2000 Hz., the best threshold is. The amount of drop in middle can be normal, up to 50 dB HL, etc. variable. Usually, the threshold of bone affect not fall. (Conductive hearing loss) if during the examination with , rather than the liquid behind the eardrum air bubbles to be seen, etc., we expect that the amount of hearing loss mild be more. Children who have a history of chronic infections(Chronic) or recurrent(Recurrent) of the middle ear have, you may in spite of hearing the norm in the hearing trendy drop frequency of 12 to 20 kHz in hearing high-frequency show....
What is PSC ?
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Disease sclerosing, primary (PSC) is a chronic progressive liver with the prevalence of low, that is, during which the bile ducts inside and outside liver due to obstruction of the biliary tract suffer from inflammation and subsequent fibrosis of the liver caused by. The cause of it, the process of ironing is safety and continue to lead to cirrhosis of the liver is that in the event of progression of the disease., the transplanted liver will be required....
What is NOS ?
Not Otherwise Specified
In medicine, the phrase NOS means, namely, diagnostic wide, which includes disorder that will be an exact ۀ disorder certain, fasting etc. because sufficient evidence for a more accurate diagnosis, they are not available....
What is HFRS ?
Hantavirus hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrom
Hemorrhagic fever plus syndrome, kidney that for summary HFRS to it is said to be the name of a category of diseases with clinical symptoms like that by any of the viruses of the family in order virus banya is created. To this disease, hemorrhagic fever, Korean can be said. Any parts of it that could HFRS to contains the virus ., the virus Belgrade-, etc., virus, Saaremaa, etc. virus Seoul, Korea. virus and other viruses is. This virus in Europe, Africa, and Asia, has been found. From among the system. the virus goes and viruses Belgrade- most severe syndrome, with the highest amount of deaths they create. If the syndrome is in effect, the virus emerged to be the IT said to be. This infection in diverse languages, name of the different is to sample in the Norwegian language to it, plague rats, and in the Finnish language to it Fever, Vale said.

symptoms of HFRS usually after one to two weeks to appear, which of course in rare cases after 8 weeks have come. Symptoms the first disease in the form of a sudden have come, which include: severe headache, pain in the back and abdomen, fever, chills, etc., nausea, and blurred eyes. In some people may face flushed get up. eyes swollen and red, and the hives throw.

signs of the disease include: drop in blood pressure, sudden shock, etc. leakage of blood from the veins, and of a sudden the kidneys that causes water, bringing extreme body. The amount of severity of these symptoms depends on the agent, contaminated body is in the event that the disease, in effect, the virus and be symptoms will be severe, but if the body by the virus, and Seoul, Korea. Saaremaa and infected will usually be signs to the proportion of the poor will be more. Full recovery usually after several weeks, or even months, arise.

the disease treatment or vaccine specific not treatment only from the way of support from the body takes place, such as doing dialysis. In China and Korea at the beginning of the period tab of ribavirin had been used, which leads to reduced mortality and reduced sickness had been.

control the entry of rodents in the space around and within the home and not having contact with them. the first step in the Prevention of this disease is also in contact with them should be of the mask used to of particles contaminated suspended in the air, which caused the rodent is from the way the breathing enters the body is not....
What is ENT ?
Ear Nose and Throat
Specialist ear, throat, nose,...