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Acronym References

What is OD ?
Omne in Die
Every day / once a day (in the UK, the qd would be preferable )...
What is MDU ?
More Dicto Utendus
According to the order / matching, recipes, medical...
What is LIN ?
(a solution of a drug in a carrier, oily, etc. soapstone or alcoholic that for rubbing on the skin, goes to work)...
What is AVM ?
Arterio Venous Malformation
Arthritis (Arthrose) or OA (Osteoarthritis) disease is very common is that in all the geographical regions can be seen. To this disease, swelling of the joints and the bones and inflammation joint bone, can be said.

arthritis is a disease damage as a progressive in the cartilage of the joints, but despite the name, this it, an inflammatory disease (not unlike rheumatism, articular) because the inflammation in this disease is a complication secondary.

in osteoarthritis analysis of the articular cartilage and involvement of the bone, cartilaginous, we that causes inflammation of the surrounding tissue. This complication may be any of the joints involved makes, but the most common joints involved are the joints of the hands, the feet, the knee. the hip and spine. This is a very common condition and is at 25%, business, general practitioners and 80% radiography people over 65 years can be seen (of course, only 70% of their mark)....
What is SYR ?
Syrup, Pharmaceuticals, Inc. liquid, condensed, and contains sugar or material successor lubricating it. Syrup, of the best preparations edible, especially for children, can syrup acetaminophen, especially that swallowing them compared to pills and capsules for babies, easier. In the syrup, tasting, unpleasant material, pharmaceutical intermediaries, sweets, sugar and also high-density liquid sense was not. With it, that sugar is the most consumed sweetener in the preparation of the syrup. but in cases of material sweetener another, such as dextrose, etc. sorbitol, etc. ... read more saccharin and hydroxy ethyl cellulose are also used. In addition to sugar, the first article after the entry into the body, eventually to glucose are transformed (material or Glucogenic), while the two matter, the last such property. (Material or Non Glucogenic).

the use of the syrup containing materials for people with diabetes is not appropriate. Like syrup, multi-vitamin....
What is SMN2 ?
Survival of Motor Neuron 2
SMN2, which is derived from the phrase "survival of the neurons in the motor 2". the name of a gene that in humans, the protein SMN's code does.

that the mutation in the version gene (i.e., SMN1), with the incidence of the disease spinal muscular atrophy in the relationship. however, mutations in SMN2 (version it) cause this disease, not be....
What is SMN1 ?
Survival of Motor Neuron 1
SMN1, which is derived from the phrase "survival of the neurons in the Motor 1" and with the name, "GEMIN1" also known by the. name of a gene that in humans, the protein SMN's code does.

SMN1 version gene is that the protein SMN's code does. Version it. SMN2 is called. Both of this version, part of the upside down 500 the game on the long arm of chromosome 5, which are almost copies same gene has both, a type of protein code.

mutations in SMN1, the incidence of the disease spinal muscular atrophy in the relationship. however, mutations in the SMN2 alone, leads to this disease cannot be. If mutations simultaneously in both occurs the fetus before birth, dies....
What is SMN ?
Survival of Motor Neuron
SMN, which stands for the English phrase survival of the neurons of motion is the name of a protein that in humans by the gene, SMN1 and SMN2 code.

This protein in the cytoplasm of the cells of the animal, and also the core, they can be found and unaffiliated regulate transcription, Genetic., the reconstruction of telomerase and transfer the active cell. Deficiency of this protein, which is often secondary to the mutated SMN1. lead to violations of a severe trimming Aran. specially in the motor neurons of the spinal cord can be one of the factors the incidence of spinal muscular atrophy.

research later showed that this protein in the movement of cells, neural, embryonic and differentiation, they also play a role....
What is SMA ?
Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Spinal muscular atrophy or the abbreviation "SMA" that in order to distinguish it with the other atrophy, spinal muscular, name, "atrophy of the spinal muscles, proximal autosomal recessive" and "spinal muscular atrophy 5q -" ... a neurological condition-muscle is rare that the loss of motor neurons, and analysis, go the muscles is accompanied and often caused the death of early.

This disease, because of defects in the gene SMN1 is created that is responsible for making a protein called SMN, which is in all cells of organisms typical there, and the direction of the survival motor neurons is essential. Little reduction of this protein in the cells, causing a loss of normal function in the nerve cells of the anterior Horn of the spinal cord and atrophy of the muscles.

This disease in varying degrees of intensity. show your, all, their, analysis, go muscle, and impaired mobility having. The muscles of the proximal (thigh and arm) and muscles breathing, etc. before the rest are involved. Other machine, body also, especially in the type of premature disease, etc. are caught. SMA is the most common because of genetic death in infants and infants.

spinal muscular atrophy, a disease is hereditary and autosomal recessive can be passed. In December 2016 (est. drug návsí ـ as the first drug for the treatment of this disease, about the reception was located, and a few other medication is also at the stage of clinical trial....
What is MD ?
Macular Degeneration
Ruin, stain, yellow, or macular degeneration, etc., the most common cause of blindness in the elderly. In this condition, the macula, or yellow stains destruction. The macula, the part light-sensitive retina and is responsible for the direct sight and it is obvious that for the exact jobs like reading and driving required.

ruin the yellow stains on two types: dry (Dry) and (Wet). Dry type Common has been about 90% of patients to this type of suffering. Type more usually, with the decline more severe and more serious is associated.

ruin the yellow stains in people over 65 years, Common have and more women to this disease. Most cases of this disease with increasing age, arise. This disease can be a complication of some medications as well. Also, it seems inheritance is also susceptible to this disease involved....
What is HL ?
Heparin Luck
(lacquer heparin), a medical instruments auxiliaries, is mainly used as the path and the port injection are used and widely by medical institutions has been approved. Use when with or catheter within the venous goes to work and plays an important role. has many advantages, including: the safety, health, usability a few times, hole. size. easy to use, the price, and the best advantage it relieve the pain/ wound of the patient during the infusion.

usable with catheters or vein thrombosis
made of excellent material (feet grade medical) and a perforation easily
having, or lacking,
certified by CE and ISO 13485
useful life of 5 years...
What is wwPDB ?
World Wide Protein Data Bank
Bank data, global protein, which briefly \"wwPDB\", also called the agency that archives the structure of the macromolecule, have maintenance and updated. Mission it is the management and maintenance of an Archive database, the protein isolated from the data, the structural macromolecule is to be public and free available community.

organization in 2003 (ad) has been established and the establishment of the manufacturers, it is the committee collaboration research for the database bioinformatics, structural (United States), bank data protein in Europe, and bank data protein Japan have been. In 2006, the bank data of the resonance magnetic bio (from the USA) to the organization joined. The base and the each of the members can be given the structural accepted and Case Processing. Data processed to the holder of the archive are sent. Now, workgroup collaboration research for the database bioinformatics, structural as the holder of the archive activity. The issue of ensuring part of it is just a version of that data for all users is identical. Database modified, then available to other members placed. Then, each of the members, records the structural result through your site, at the disposal of the public. The information on the site is the only link to the site, members is accessible. Site, members, something over the site, The Mirror holder of the archive (the Working Group on a research collaboration for the database bioinformatics, structural). because the members on the site, different devices for the analysis and review of data, the database can provide....
What is CARD ?
Caspase Recruitment Domain
The second card (CARD domain), or "the second, absorption " or "the second, absorption, and strengthen the " that refer to "CARDs". the motif of the Interactive an important that are in a range of proteins (especially the ones in inflammation and apoptosis play a role) are found.

This is the second, in forming the building complex in the protein, through the interplay between CARDs. effective.

second, the CARD in a wide range of proteins, such as the " a", " a", ", a", "" and other factors, cytoplasmic are found....
What is NOD1 ?
Nucleotide-binding Oligomerization Domain-containing protein 1
Protein number 1 contains the second and bind to the nucleotide, a receptor is a protein that in humans is Gene "NOD1" code. This receiver, a bacteria identified and the reaction of immune stimulation.

This protein contain "the second card (CARD)" and is one of the family members, the receiver pseudo-NOD and also one of the receptors identified pattern within the cell....
What is PS ?
Progeroid Syndromes
Syndrome, or or the abbreviation PS, a group of genetic diseases are rare that person with your much older than the age at which. shows. So-called Syndrome , etc. is not necessarily the same . But your some kind of Syndrome .

this syndrome is very rare, and of every 8 million babies., the only one to be afflicted with it. This syndrome hereditary? i.e. gene in the parents causing the disease. but also due to a genetic mutation happens. People who have this syndrome. the first sign at the same time in neonates with things like weight, lack., the dimensions of the face and small jaw, the analysis has gone to update their. Later syndrome your skin, fill wrinkles, atherosclerosis, etc., kidney failure, etc. going. stiff and hardening of the skin in the body and hair loss show.

a few of these patients over 13 years of work and 90% of them result in a heart attack....
What is ZMPSTE24 ?
Zinc Metallo Peptidase STE24
ZMPSTE24 is the name of a gene in humans. The protein that this gene is achieved. a is making A company.

in humans, mutations in this gene cause premature aging. Basically, the defects in the construction of the correct protein fairy A, caused a disruption in the regeneration of DNA....
What is LGMD ?
Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy
Muscular dystrophy, Limbe , etc. (with the symbol abbreviations LGMD), a genetically reveal an important heterogeneity has been and symptoms of the disease includes weakness of the primary muscles of the hip and shoulder can be followed by the muscles of the part hands and feet are also involved. Analysis of continuity of genes to the disease in the families and in families with married families showed that at least 11 loci for different responsible for Muscular Dystrophy, Limb Girdle; these are Turtles In that proteins (Sarcoglycan) in the code are continuous with the disease. Bug in prevented from binding F-actin with the extracellular matrix by these tests are used and, finally, the muscle cells degenerated, and the ability of the muscles disappears....
What is ADOS ?
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule
Viewing the scheduled for a diagnosis of autism (ADOS) is an instrument for diagnosis and assessment of autism. It includes a series of acts structured and semi-structured that includes social interaction between the patient and the specialist. Expert behavior, the child's view. identifies and groups pre-specified assignment.

ADOS set of tests, structured and semi-structured, which is about 30 to 60 Minutes is all it takes. During this time, experimenter a series of positions to check the communication and social relations related to the diagnosis of autism provides.

each sample with one of the 4 methods below will be checked. Choose the appropriate method based on the developmental and language level of the person. The only group that can't be tested here. Teen, Teen and adult nonverbal.

ADOS should not be used for formal diagnosis with people who are blind, deaf, or seriously impaired sensory or motor (e.g., disorders such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy). should not be used.

Method 1: for children who can't speak, or sentences short.

Method 2: people who can such Express, but not speak.
Method 3: larger samples that speak fluent
method 4: for, and, that the soul can speak.
since which in methods 1 and 2., the sample must be in the room., motor ability in them is essential.

examples of modules 1 or 2, response to name, Social smile, or the bubble game. Module 3 or 4, the game involves mutual communication and show empathy or express thoughts about the feelings of others....
What is DVD ?
Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia
Diss proxy verbal evolutionary or the abbreviation "DVD" is the name speech in childhood (CAS) and evolutionary speech (DAS) also known as? disorder in which the child on speech sounds, phonemes, syllables, and words is in trouble. The cause of this disorder, weakness or paralysis of muscle, but forms in the brain is not able between the members and the muscles related to speech (lips, jaws, etc. language, etc.) the harmony of creation. Babe knows what wants to say, but his brain could not between the movements of the muscles that to express words and letter, are essential., the harmony of creation. The real cause of this disorder is yet to be determined, but some evidence suggests that the reasons may be genetic. what that a lot of people in their families, etc. problems in verbal communication there is. The disease, treatment, definite, and complete. but with the use of appropriate interventions, etc., focused, and ongoing therapy, etc., verbal skills, people with this disorder of motor speech, as substantially be improved.
What is FOXP2 ?
Forkhead Box Protein P2
FOXP2 as a complete protein Pi 2 box is a protein that in humans is Gene, "FOXP2" is coded. The gene name, such as "CAGH44 a", "SPCH1" or "TNRC10" are, and the direction of evolution, correct the power of speech and language learning in humans is essential. This gene in many other vertebrates, there is also in them, plays an important role in the creation of the connection (for example, creating the sound of the birds) plays.

FOXP2, the first gene is associated with language and the word was discovered. This gene on the long arm of chromosome 7 located in the brain, heart, lungs and intestines of the fetus and the adult human express. Also, making another of these genes in other mammals have been found and the map gene, complete it in hand. This gene in both of them more active than male, and this issue maybe is the reason for skills more learning language in women (compared to men).

in humans, mutations in this gene cause severe disorders of verbal and verbal. Since version similar of this gene in other vertebrates. there is a survey done on it in mice, and bird singers has shown that the existence of this gene for the flexibility of the neural circuits of the brain is essential. Apart from the brain. the presence of the gene for the natural evolution of the gut and the heart, too, is necessary.

FOXP2 "gene language" reputation. but it should be noted that gene, is another important in the evolution of verbal and language, human role, that of it among the can be to CNTNAP2, etc. CTBP1 and SRPX2 noted.

gene FOXP2 in humans and chimpanzees, only in 2 amino acid differences, but only one of these differences, dual, etc. specific human....