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Acronym References

What is HFRS ?
Hantavirus hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrom
Hemorrhagic fever plus syndrome, kidney that for summary HFRS to it is said to be the name of a category of diseases with clinical symptoms like that by any of the viruses of the family in order virus banya is created. To this disease, hemorrhagic fever, Korean can be said. Any parts of it that could HFRS to contains the virus ., the virus Belgrade-, etc., virus, Saaremaa, etc. virus Seoul, Korea. virus and other viruses is. This virus in Europe, Africa, and Asia, has been found. From among the system. the virus goes and viruses Belgrade- most severe syndrome, with the highest amount of deaths they create. If the syndrome is in effect, the virus emerged to be the IT said to be. This infection in diverse languages, name of the different is to sample in the Norwegian language to it, plague rats, and in the Finnish language to it Fever, Vale said.

symptoms of HFRS usually after one to two weeks to appear, which of course in rare cases after 8 weeks have come. Symptoms the first disease in the form of a sudden have come, which include: severe headache, pain in the back and abdomen, fever, chills, etc., nausea, and blurred eyes. In some people may face flushed get up. eyes swollen and red, and the hives throw.

signs of the disease include: drop in blood pressure, sudden shock, etc. leakage of blood from the veins, and of a sudden the kidneys that causes water, bringing extreme body. The amount of severity of these symptoms depends on the agent, contaminated body is in the event that the disease, in effect, the virus and be symptoms will be severe, but if the body by the virus, and Seoul, Korea. Saaremaa and infected will usually be signs to the proportion of the poor will be more. Full recovery usually after several weeks, or even months, arise.

the disease treatment or vaccine specific not treatment only from the way of support from the body takes place, such as doing dialysis. In China and Korea at the beginning of the period tab of ribavirin had been used, which leads to reduced mortality and reduced sickness had been.

control the entry of rodents in the space around and within the home and not having contact with them. the first step in the Prevention of this disease is also in contact with them should be of the mask used to of particles contaminated suspended in the air, which caused the rodent is from the way the breathing enters the body is not....
What is ENT ?
Ear Nose and Throat
Specialist ear, throat, nose,...
What is SOL ?
Soluble non-aqueous sol Solution is a solvent other than water....
What is HCQ ?
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which brand Plaquenil, etc can be sold as a drug that in order to treat certain kinds of malaria goes work. this drug specifically for sensitive to the drug should go to work. Other uses include treatment of rheumatism, articular, etc. lupus , and porphyria cutanea tarda. For tablets of oral consumption.

the chemical composition in 1955 for use in Pharmaceutical in the United States was confirmed. the drug as one of the essential drugs of the World Health Organization as a drug safe and very effective for the health system was used.

visual disturbances (damage to the retina), including, can be blurred eye duration 2 to 3 hours after consumption, and sometimes creates a halo of light in the eyes of the person can be ... dizziness, blood disorders, and muscle weakness....
What is MP ?
Menstrual Period
Event get out of the blood and the cells of the woman, which for a monthly happening.

the menstrual cycle, or menstrual cycle (period) in fact, the transformation of physiological that in fertile women the direction of reproductive sex occurs and each month, an ovum mature and ready to nurture the fetus can be. At this time, gradually the tissues of the womb are also ready to maintenance of the fetus can be. If fertilization revisions. egg excretion and tissue coating the uterus, loss does (menstrual). This process, naturally, in the era of fertility, sex, species, mammals, matter, occur. The menstrual cycle of women during pregnancy and lactation prevents the stands. Menstrual cycle from puberty until menopause continues. Duration bleeding menstrual for , etc. are usually 3-5 days long takes, but between 2 to 8 days can also be be. Each menstrual cycle is on average 28 days long is a menstrual cycle normal between 21 to 35 days is. The volume average of the blood plan per monthly cycle of menstruation is 35 ml....
What is BAEP ?
Brainstem Audiotory Evoked Potential
The potential ۀ hearing ۀ the brain (the part of the potential ۀ hearing recorded that ۀ the brain arises.)...
What is COVID-19 ?
Coronavirus Disease 2019
Disease coronavirus 2019 or 19 to which acute respiratory disease Ann Cove-2019 is also called tuber infection is that the effect on the koruna to new, A virus in close association with the coronavirus SARS, etc. can be created. This disease because of the outbreak of coronavirus, Wuhan is. This disease is basically through the tiny droplet respiratory system of affected individuals when coughing or sneezing and can live between people can be. The time between being exposed to the infection and the incidence of symptoms between 2 and 14 days. Through hand washing and other measures cleaning can be of the player prevented it....