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Acronym References

What is TNM ?

Tumor, Node, Metastases

The severity of types of breast cancer Breast Cancer for 0 to 4 grid layout is. Each grid has the signs and treatment methods differently.
breast cancer four grid, and the physician of the naming system TNM to identify the four grid breast cancer uses.

the letters TNM to the meaning of the following:

T stands for tumor and indicates how much of the breast tissue involved in cancer has been.
N stands for Node and indicates that the cancer to lymph nodes has spread or not.
M stands for metastasis and indicates that the cancer to other parts of the body is expanded or not.
the system of naming types of cancer TNM of numbers, also uses. The numbers from 0 to 4 determined that the cancer, how much progress has been.

This system by the Joint Committee, the American Cancer (AJCC), surveillance can be. it means that all the doctors of the cancer, grade of cancer, to form the above-mentioned descriptions and the classification of work.

to determine the amount of progress and stage of breast cancer, the doctor tests will do. Experiments include testing blood, CT scan, PET scan, MRI, etc. - rays, X-rays. mammography and ultrasound is.