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Acronym Finder

What is DPS ?
Damage Per Second
The DPS unit is that in some games, used to ability aggressive personality, characterized by their do. This unit is the amount of damage inflicted by the character in the second one specifies....
What is XBL ?
Xbox Live
XBL or Xbox Live means to network online Xbox 360, with 35,000,000 member...
What is SC ?
Splinter Cell
(TomClancys Splinter Cell), a collection video game in the style of secret work published by the company Ubisoft Montreal is. The first version of the set with the title Splinter Cell Tom Clancy in November 2002 for the first time, supply was and has been 6 versions of this game is released.

Also, the collection of novels and books, comic also based on this game by the authors of various writing and printing, that is the seven part one of the most famous of these novel host. The first part of this novel set also in Iran, by publishing statue and with the translation of Hadi Amini have been published....
What is RDR ?
Red Dead Redemption
Rejection is not 2 or so red shells of the Dead 2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) a video game open world themed Western in the style of action-adventure is by Rockstar Games on October 26, 2018, for consoles PlayStation 4 and X-Box porn tube is released. This game is the third episode in the set, the game of rejection is not considered, and AGO came in the game rejected their in the year 2010. Rejection is not 2 in awards Game of the year 2018 in eight disciplines, the candidate will have four awards include Best Musical and narrative story wins....
What is QTE ?
Quick Time Event
QTE scenes in the game that button appear on the screen and the button desired in the game, leading you and frequently from death, saved you.Typical of such scenes in the game God Of War can be....
What is PWN ?
PWN when a player\'s hitting, and we We, From Own taken....
What is POP ?
Prince Of Persia
Prince of Persia (Prince of Persia) as a day-care center, video game-style action-adventure that by Jordan is made at the outset by made and released it was, and now by Ubisoft supplied. The first episode of the series in 1989 for the Apple 2 were made. After the success of this game on the Apple 2 this game is widely used for other platforms are also released. Version is a remake of this game by Game Loft for networking online X-Box Live and PlayStation Network are also available.

The Story of the ancient Persia are. when the king \"Sultan\" in the war out of the land of Iran and minister he Jafar entered the Kingdom at the head of the United States. The only obstacle he has to get to the throne., the ladies is. Ja, he\'s in the tower, the prisoner does, and she wants him to marry, otherwise he would have executed will. The main character of the story of that name is to a ladies heart is closed to the black hole, the Palace sent. should be 60 minutes from the prison out into the palace to be with the minister fought to kill him, and at the end of the ladies to release. Seems to be the character with him. to Allah, Yahya refers to that of the ministers Haroon Rashid from the House Of be. In the narrative of Hollywood Aladdin, is also the character of Jafar is the intention of seizing the caliphate and marry ladies from them. seen....
What is NPC ?
Non-Player Character
The NPC to the meaning of the characters non-playable for gamers...