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Acronym References

What is MW ?
Modern Warfare
Part of the series Call Of Duty series called Modern Warfare...
What is CL ?
Crew Leader
The leader of the group of gamers ( in-Game )...
What is BT ?
Assassin or Battlefield (Battlefield) a collection video game in the style of first person shooting that is electronics company be released. The field of battle on the platform of Microsoft Windows, OS ten, PlayStation 2, and Xbox., The X-Box 360., the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and X-Box porn tube is released....
What is BG ?
Bad Game
BG, end game to demonstrate a lack of satisfaction from the game, he said was...
What is AW ?
Alan Wake
Alan Wake (AW), a video game daunting in the style of fear and survival, and action-adventure, which by the Finnish company manufacturer of Max Payne, i.e. ramādī made and Studio Microsoft it has released. This game May 2010 for the Xbox 360 and in the year 2012 for Microsoft Windows has been released. This game that making it 5 years it took, with comments positive was encountered and space, narrative and the speed of advancing of the story is acclaimed. Time magazine, too, to Alan Wake ranked first on the list of 10 video game Premier 2010 data. After the game, Alan Wake's American Nightmare was made that version Xbox it 22 February 2012 around the world, and a computerized version of IT, MAY 22, 2012 in North America, June 29, 2012 in Europe and November 15, 2012 in Australia was released. Willy model and actor, Alan Wake, and Matthew Porta he have been....
What is AOT ?
Army Of Two
Tero of You (Army of Two) collection of video game-style third-person shooting is by his feet, Vancouver, and developed by games for PlayStation 3, X-Box 360 and PlayStation Mobile has been released. The main objective in this game set missions war for teamwork and cooperation is. So far, three versions of the game released the first version of it with the name of Tero international, is you, in March 2008, the second version of it under the title of Tero international, is you: the day people in January 2010, and version final it Tero of you: the evil in March 2013 was released....
What is AC ?
Assassins Creed
Game series Creed:

creed or the creed of a cache, or belief, of a cache (Assassin\'s Creed) as a collection of video game-style action-adventure and stealth that is, by Patrice in. Jade Raymond, and Corey Can is created by the company Ubisoft developed and supplied. The first version in this series Creed was that on 14 November 2007 for consoles PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 was released. The root of this word is Arabic, back()...