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Acronym Finder

What is GG ?
Good Game
GG end of the game to show the satisfaction of the game is said to be....
What is GeOW ?
Gears of War
Gears of war or tools of War (Gears of War), as a set, and the day-care center, video game-style third-person shooting is that by the company Epic Games is created by the Canadian company "The Coalition" developed and work, release it by Studio the Microsoft done. The first version of this series, entitled Gears of war on November 7, 2006, for console, X-Box 360 was released.

The Story of the game looking for character Marcus Phenix is a soldier, a veteran, that the task of leadership is the latest attempt of the humans for the destruction of the Lucas (reptiles, extraterrestrial human species), and save humanity is responsible. Two trail called Gears Of War 2 (2008) and Gears Of War 3 (2011) is also supplied, which have been continue to follow the ongoing conflict Phoenix and humanity with Lucas and forces pays. In 2013, Epic Games and Microsoft Studios version, with title Gears Of War: Judgment is released, they have a prerequisite on the part of the prime of this series to be went. The fourth episode of the game Gears Of War 4, and 25 years after Gears Of War 3 and its main character "Jay D.", son, Phoenix, is. The latest version of this series is also called the wheel gear 5 is located in Year 2019, for the Microsoft Windows and X-Box Porn Tube be published....
What is FM ?
Forza Motorsport
(FM) is a video game-style simulation racing is by train 10 Road Studios developed by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the console X-Box is released. Words in the Italian language means "force" is. This game is the first version of the game set the the ... series the game is in the console, next, Microsoft, including X-Box 360., The X-Box the tub and the operating system Microsoft Windows continues. The game has features such as the 200 cars and several field the real race in the world, or dummy. According to the review of the collective site , etc. with reactions very well was associated with average rating of 92 from 100 is located....
What is FF ?
Friendly Fire
Shooting The Fellowship of the insider...
What is E3 ?
Electronic Entertainment Expo
The largest fair gaming that all in Los Angeles....
What is DS ?
Dead Space
Dead Space (Dead Space), a video game, third-person shooting that is now games made by the company Electronic Arts for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows has been released. This game in the October 2008 release found and on 20 October 2008 on PC was.

In this game, the player the role of an engineer named Isaac Clarke has to battle a virus, surround the name , it is expected that humans will become to name does. Continue this game by the name of Dead Space 2 in January 2011 was released....
What is DMC ?
Devil May Cry
Devil can grid (Devil May Cry) is a video game action-adventure for hack have Slash and emotion is that in the year 2001 by the company Kep-com for the console PlayStation 2 was released. However, the main focus of the game on the campaign with the sword is, however, The after defeating some of the enemies and boss of the game, guns and new abilities to be acquired, which improves the movements of a few beat the hero in front of the enemies can be.

The Story of the game in a science fiction called the island of "Malta" and in modern times, that narrates the story of a monster hunter named Dante, is that this job to get revenge, mom, and brother lost his demons has chosen. Dante, with a woman named "Trish" meet that does him on a journey to destroy the Great Satan, "Lord Mundus" invites. The story of the game, for a mixture of cut seen the (that with the game engine rendered), and video pre-rendered, to the user's expression can be.

the basic idea of this game in 1999, and in order to build \"Lise 4\" was formed, but the creators came to the conclusion that this is the perfect idea franchises, Lise was not possible. for this reason, the project to be independent of the resident oil and with a separate story in the stage production was. This game to the intermediary, the degree of difficulty of a lot, and privileges of the top. the reflection is very significant in the world of video games have, to the extent that some critics, \"the devil can grid\" is one of the best games and most innovative video game history, knew. The sale of this game, more than two million copies have been and cause was Kep palate, with construction continuing for the title, this product will become a collection of Game track....
What is COJ ?
Call of Juarez
"Call of Juarez" (COJ) is a video game in the style of first person shooting that by Techland and was published in 2006. "Call of Juarez" in the platform X-Box 360, and Microsoft Windows has been released.The game in total 15 stages .The story of the game is that a boy named Billy that Indian IS wants to follow her parents go, who to this on eats .When all the members of the ten that the gun they have to follow Billy fall off, he secretly from the hidden way to her parents ' home looks and sound screaming, his mother hears. Continue the game at a later stage, you play the role of the priest and the you that hears parents ' house, Billy fire, and when your seeking to get out of ten, namely: parents, Billy with the corpse, it will be facing in the same moment, Billy arrives and the priest to the top of the head the corpse of the father and the mother sees and thinks that its priests are killed, and escape does. After it all game instead of this two-person game can get, with Billy's secretly a Ferrari badge and then the priest, the killer in the next stage of forest that Billy had crossed the passes, and those who try to kill him takes. In most steps, the priest at the end of a dual of you.Of the functionality of the game is to ride the horse, you can.From events, exciting game, this is Billy's treasure finds....