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Acronym Finder

What is ADS ?
Aiming Down Sights
Words, the ADS in the game Cal Of ( COD) mode is that when you click shoot the right side of the page can keep up, the objective measurement of time is done for you, and when the button shoot to drop, you can see the target mode making out to be. In the second type, which Hip-Fire is called target not doing for you, and you yourself have to manually bookmark button, making it possible to push a comment. The third type of mode is custom in this mode, you press the button, the corresponding setting you specify that for what kind of weapons aiming automatically done and for which type do not....
What is ETS ?
Euro Truck Simulator
ETS the name of the simulation game by SCS Software is that in late 2012 for the Windows operating system is released. This game will take you to see the countries beautiful and spectacular of Europe, such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, etc., Berlin, Madrid, etc. Paris, Amsterdam etc will take, and you take on the role of the driver of heavy vehicles will put a car cargo, and on that between countries and even cities, carrying, and to get to the destination. In this version of the game buildings and much progress to be seen, and from among them can be to the cycle of day and night, dynamics, shipments, and new companies, over 1000 models, designed new and ... named.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the shipments high, and the map is a vast game, you have over 20 hours will entertain. This game will take you to see the road and landscape, the eye-catching cities such as Warsaw, Poland Krakow, Poland Ostrava, etc. Budapest, Kosice and other cities will be destroyed. Scoring a mission in the game requires speed, and skills further in the game if it is to timely deliver cargo assigned to you. a short may get news from rights, not from it, the worse the reputation of the company you for it at at risk.

In this game try to have all the elements of realistic be added, and in addition, it details the game's graphics compared to the previous version significant changes to your have. Also, the day-night cycle dynamics also come into play added to to reach the the more game be helped. This game you have to drive the trailer a different invitation, and will, of course, the driving not so easy does not seem to finish timely the missions assigned to you, you should be trying your best to spend it....
What is PUG ?
Pick Up Group
The term Pug in the game means: group binder
What is OOR ?
Out Of Range
OOR in the game means out of the reach of. out of range...
What is EFC ?
Enemy Flag Carrior
The term of the EFC in the game, meaning attacking the enemy carrying our flag...
What is NEWB ?
A New player
NEWB in a computer game means a new player well.