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Acronym References

What is NEWB ?
A New player
NEWB in a computer game means a new player well.
What is K.O.S ?
Kill On Sight
Kill the person without reason ( in the game )...
What is IC ?
In character
In the word means within the personality can be. All the communication is inside the game between the entities exchanged can be component of this genre, we know....
What is OOC ?
Out Of Character
In the word of means out of personality can be. All communication, chats, etc. of the message, the privately owned and ... is the difference between be exchanged the component of this genre know.
you can by putting brackets round it, it's a message OOC transform you....
What is NOOB ?
Nov (or Noob, etc. Newbie) term folk is that generally the person experienced and the newcomer in a profession or activity notes. This term especially in the case of games, and online communities, and common respect....
What is PUBG ?
Player Unknown Battle Grounds
PUBG is a video game multiplayer online and in the style of Battle Royale, which is by studio Blue Hole, made on December 20, 2017 by the company for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 by Microsoft Corporation on December 12, for the X-Box porn tube is released. Version for Android phones and iPhone OS in the year 2018 by the company released. Also this game have to be the best video game Mobile in 2018, and the players of this game to two hundred million people looks like....
What is RP ?
Role Playing
RP in words to mean role play, or role creation is. You should be as characters inside the game, the role he will play you to it, John, sorry.
RP, i.e., restricting ك that can be found inside the personality of the game and out personality game, do the scenes match as much as possible to the world of Real near to be more .This limitation of the game, etc. server, game etc. fashion game variable and different....
What is PVE ?
Player vs Environment
PvE stands for Player vs Environment, or player against the environment. In such a case, players with a other group and against artificial intelligence fall. The best example for readers of the zombie series, Cal of dyvty is that, in the end, to fights with friends lead....