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Acronym References

What is FEAR ?
First Encounter Assault Recon
F. E. A. R. (F. E. A. R) is a first person shooting game, the horror that is production and by on 17 October 2005 for Microsoft Windows by Di van studios for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation released by the team, gate, Studio, Two-Pack for this game, was made F. E. A. R.: point in October 2006 and F. E. A. R.: mndyt in November 2007 .

the two continue to play this game called F. E. A. R. 2 and F. E. A. R. 3 is built....
What is FPS ?
Frame Per Second
FPS stands for the number of frames produced in seconds....
What is WOW ?
World Of Warcraft
World of Warcraft or the abbreviation WoW, a game the style of fantasize from the series of Warcraft by Blizzard made in 2004 by the company Blizzard for computers is released.

This game is the fourth series of Game Collection Warcraft. that's the first game of this series titled Warcraft: The Ark and the humans in the year 1994 is published....
What is RPG ?
Role Playing Game
Role-playing that often for the acronym RPG writings. the game in which the role of an imaginary character has taken, and with it to do the game pays, and the performance of the character in the game based on the personality traits of your determine, and the success and failure of IT systems and the rules of the game relevant. Based on the rules of the game, freedom of action in the disposal. decisions, decisions, and choices, the path and the outcome of the game was more....
What is TPS ?
Third Person Shooter
Third-person shooting style in the game the computer that your downline the style of shooting and action games, is placed, etc. gameplay, game to if designed that game all the game environment, what the character of the game, what the game environment, unlike the style of first person shooting can see....
What is JME ?
Java Monkey Engine
Game engine jMonkey (or briefly jME) is a Game Engine, 3-dimensional Optimum, which is wholly in the language is written in Java. This engine is OpenGL through LWJGL, and with the support of JOGL enclosures does, and with the help of these libraries has been developed. From the library, OpenAL for sound production is supported also from a variety of input such as keyboard and mouse support....
What is NFS ?
Need For Speed
Need for speed (NFS) is a computer game published by the electronics company . This game April 30, 1997 supply and its manufacturer, Canada....
What is GTA ?
Grand Theft Auto
Car thefts (GTA) is the first game of the series, The Game, cool that in the Year 1997 by BMW a is released. This game allows the player who plays the A, played that freely in a big city, and lingers, and several missions, such as stealing from banks, murder, and other crimes do....