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What is L4D ?
Left For Dead
The four surviving ( Child) (Left 4 Dead) is a horror game and first person shooting multiplayer, made by the company Valve and with the engine source for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.

In this game the player must with all sorts of zombie faced and categories on it saying that its the zombies to the category of Smoker ,Hunter, Bomber, and Tank are divided.

the game component of the type of story, but the things in itself that all will fascinate. The first and foremost factor that makes this game of the games together style a step ahead is the multiplayer mode it is. Part Single Player game is also four characters in the zombies drop it. A Demos short, but beautiful is the only introduction that mimics the you with the characters and the appearance of the cluttered and crowded city familiar makes....
What is JRPG ?
Japanese Role Playing Game
JRPG means, etc. style role-playing game, Japanese...
What is GT ?
Gran Turismo
Górne (Gran Turismo) is a term used to vehicles with high efficiency and designed for the long haul, etc. are applied. Any car with these specifications GTA are read, but the shape of the traditional and common They vehicles, two in the coupe two-seat is 4 seats together can be. This cars vehicles sport different they are, but in categories rally racing GTA as car the sports TV world are known. This word from the so-called Grand Tour means a trip round Europe made....
What is GSP ?
Game Service Provider
GSP or Game Service Provider means the company that services gaming offers....
What is GS ?
Game Spot
GS stands for Game Spot, one of the largest websites related to the game (the game)...
What is GP ?
GP or Gameplay, etc. interact with a computer game through is the relationship between the player and the game, compete, and overcome them, planning, design, and the relationship of the player with it. The gameplay is distinct from graphics, or components of the sound....
What is GOTY ?
Game Of The Year
Won the award of Best Game of the year...
What is GOW ?
God Of War
God of war (God of War) is a series of video game-style action adventure that is the company Sony Computer Entertainment based on mythology, Greece, is made. Series God of war with the release in 2005 for consoles, PlayStation Now, Sony started. Up to now, the eight version of this game released is supplied; the four original version of God of War 4, a 3, a 2, a 1 and a sub version of the Ascension, by Studio Santa Sony have made, and by Sony Computer Entertainment for game consoles, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 have been published. Reddy s DS build version, the handheld game console PlayStation Mobile, including God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost Sparta on Yemen....