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Acronym References

What is MOH ?
Medal Of Honor
Medal of Honor ( Medal of Honor ) that briefly (MoH), also called the name of a series video game / computer successful and popular in the style of first-person action related to the events of the Second World War is, of course, the new series of this series, which from 2010 will be released to Modern Warfare pays ). Series Brothers in the army of this game is modeled on . So far, thirteen episodes of the series, Medal of honor for the various systems of the game, and also Windows is supplied . Directed the first two parts of this series, the responsibility of Steven Spielberg have been ....
What is CO-OP ?
In computer games are mostly meant cooperative ( playing together )....
What is PSN ?
Play Station Network
PlayStation Network (PlayStation®Network), which is often the case stands for the PSN, or MSN can be used, a service, Entertainment, Digital Media is by Sony was created. The service, which since 2006 is working at first exclusively for the PlayStation. but later, covering smart phones, tablets, etc. player, Blu-ray and TV this time added to it. Until April 2016 the service includes the 110 million users, was that 70 million it is in the form of monthly were active.

on 19 April 2011, in the wake of the attack, hackers to the network and to steal account information, credit users, the network for a few weeks of work. At the time of the attack, the network 130, the server off, 50 software programs and 77 million users sign up....
What is PS ?
PlayStation or play station name is a device to play that by Sony in 1994 was introduced....
What is NH ?
Nice Hand
NH stands for Nice Hand to his good hand.
when used, are that the opposite side is a hand very high in the game poker player, or any game other that sheet done, you can hand ....
What is WH ?
Wall Hack
WH in the game of COD or Call Of Duty 4 stands for the Wall Hack? some kind of hack, which means it can be the enemy from behind the wall....
What is COD ?
Call Of Duty
One of the best selling computer games in the history of the name Call Of Duty East that stands for, it COD say.
ever 8 the version of it is published that each title have been.This game is a first-person action which is the subject of it is war.
the publisher of the series Game company Activision....