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Acronym References

What is GIB ?


Gigabyte, or GB, information and storage in a computer. This word from the prefix Giga, and the word Bytes is formed. This term means one billion bytes or 109 bytes or 1000 MB., but in the calculations that the bytes according to the power of 2 (can be binary) is calculated, a billion bytes, the equivalent of 230, or 1, the 073, the 741, the 824 bytes to be. In this case, each gigabyte equal to 1024 megabytes is that the single GiB can be written on. in other words, each equal to 210 m'boi bytes.

the application of each of these two definitions depends on the application of it. So that to express the capacity of memory, hard disk, and the volume of data transfer in telecommunication, Internet, and computer networks to be 10, but to express the capacity of random-access memory computer (RAM) can be binary it used to be. From the historical perspective, the first time the Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the scale to be of switchyard upload (Switchgear) definition of the. But in 2008 committee recommendation International (ICE) to use it as in the system metric agreed.