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What is XSLT ?

XSL Transformations

Transformations X SSL or X SS El t (XSLT) is a language full Turing-based X the IS that the manner of conversion from a file X the to the A file other describe.

In this language, the programmer determines how the tree structure within a file X the to file other - that can be a X on the other, or HTML, or any text file other be - converted, then the conversion by the application that processor X SSL or called done. The most common use of X-SSL or includes: converts structures X All El to each other, convert X the to HTML, in Internet sites, and also the first step in the construction of the PDF of X the El.

the language part of the family x, SSL is considered to format documents X the IS and the version 1 standard by the consortium World Wide Web (W3C) in November 1999 released. Version 2 standard, it is also on January 23, 2007 was approved.

need a way of displaying for files X The ago of 1997, was felt. From 1994 articles in the field of characteristics of a template, demo the proper preparation. Finally, in 1997, a group of a number of software companies a document, the initial (that is, X SS El was called) to design a language template demo X the to the consortium World Wide Web providing. Work on X SSL from the same time began. Up to this time, focus on the templates demo and features, delineate and display information was still the thing as mapping or conversion tool, the structural pose.

over time, the practitioners standard X-SSL to the conclusion that the operation of convert file X the can from the operation display, it apart. Thus, X-SSL into three distinct areas was divided into: mapping (conversion), the objects of a format and X pet. In a short time it became clear that this split decision a good been and new uses for the segment mappings were found that communication with the display, the data did not.