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What is VLC ?

Video LAN Client

VLC (VLC) is a free software/open source plays a sound and the image. This application is the result of effort, group, project, VideoLAN has file install for several different operating system. VLC ability formats and very wide, and the search to find the various codecs it unnecessary.

features of the software include:
- ability to high in the video player incomplete, unfinished and damaged during the download. Can be used during download of a. by this app to view the part taken payment.
- support of audio and video formats supported by libavcodec and libavformat . This means that vlc is able to playback H. 264 or MPEG - 4, like pictures, flv.
- vlc is one of the open source applications and open source DVD player that restrictions related to the DVD player in different areas.
- program can be used as recording desktop also used.
- also possible to forward and rewind the subtitle with the arrow keys .