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Acronym References

What is SSCI ?

Social Sciences Citation Index

Index citation social sciences or SSCI, a profile citation that are related to different disciplines is a scientific product, healthcare, Thomson Reuters, and the division of knowledge. It by the Institute for scientific information (ISI) index of Science Citation is developed.

This is a citation database of more than 2, and 474 of the leading magazines in the world of Social Science, in more than 50 threaded covers. And he has made online, through web of science available. The product information database to identify articles mentioned frequently and by what publisher and author provides.

in 2004, the economists, because, Daniel,. Klein and Eric Chiang a survey of index citation Social Sciences was carried out and identified a bias against research for the free market.
In addition to this ideological bias, etc., Klein and Chiang also argue that the indexed citation of social science does a poor job reflecting the relevance and accuracy of articles encourage is known.