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Acronym References

What is GAL ?
gallons, volume is that in both systems, conventional American and Royal British in three different amount is used. In the UK, Canada and some countries in the Caribbean from gallon Imperial or gallon Royal use to be, which is almost equal to 4. the 546092 liters can be. \"A gallon of American\" for the liquid material in the U.S. and some Latin American countries, that of Japan, almost 3. the 785412 liter. A gallon of American, that for a solid material that is rarely used that value almost 4. the 40 liters can be. In Iran, per gallon 3/78 liters can be....
What is MAH ?
Mili Amper Hour
An amp-hour (or Ah, A·h, A h) of the electrical load, mAh (mAh) and mAh seconds (mAs). Any amp hour 3600 Coulomb (amp second) and electric charge passing through the constant flow of 1 amp for 1 hour is equal. Amp hours more to measure the system, electrochemistry such as electroplating and battery used. MAh (mAh or mA·h), that public more from the amp-hour is one thousandth of an amp-hour value.

mAh H, (mAs or mA·s) to measure the radiation X applied to the Vacationer in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. This quantity with all the energy of the beam, X, processed by tunnel with the voltage fixed, fits. Fixed Faraday is a mole of electrons and 26, the 8 amp-hour is equal. This is more for calculating, electrochemistry is used.

The thing is that the AMP hours a energy....
What is MIS ?
Mercalli Intensity Scale
Scale (Mis) measure of the earthquake is that the intensity of damage in the earthquake of the show.

destructive power of an earthquake in addition to its power to the structure of the Earth in the desired area, and the design and location of structures, construction of human depends. The amount of destruction come usually with scale expression. Scientists can grade the Richter Scale just after the earthquake and when the possibility to compare data from different stations seismography? deputy minister. But the degree of will not be quickly identified, and it is necessary that the researchers have sufficient time to review the events that, during earthquakes, the data is at the disposal. When impression, the precise amount of damages incurred. can be is appropriate estimate. The intensity of an earthquake with the scale of celebrity be introduced this intensity, in fact, represent the amount of feeling of individuals and living creatures from the earthquake and impact on structures.

contrary to the general impression of the people, the earthquake intensity in addition to Blessed (Richter) to several factors, including depth of the epicenter of the earthquake, bedrock, etc. in the lower layers, distance from the earthquake epicenter and... is dependent.

overall, the Blessed is with the Richter scale is a parameter of the geological and intensity with the scale a parameter engineering. in the meantime, Richter from 18 but of 112 grading....
What is EV ?
Escape velocity
Speed getaway in physics and astronomy to a minimum as it can be said that an object must have in order to grab the gravitational force of the object, the other fled the scene.

speed getaway the extent that according to it, if Jeremy, with initial speed over of speed, getaway, Jeremy, who wants it to go out to the out move managed to escape from it will be, but if it's speed, the mass, the more quickly the getaway, it mass other be successful to this, will not. For example, the speed of escape from Planet Earth 11 of 186 km / h, which means if the missile over about 11٫2 km / h directly toward Out Move managed to escape from it will be, but if its speed missiles from the much more be the beginning to the high-gone, and then again to the bottom of the returns....
What is EURO ?
European Monetary Unit
Euro, symbol: € money countries in the region, the euro is 100 cents divided. The use of the euro in January 2002, officially in the countries, Germany, France, Belgium, etc. country. Spain, Portugal. Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Finland was started and now in 19 countries of the 28 EU Member States formally in the stream.

The idea money identical time. for the first time by Jacques Delors, the minister for economy, former, France, that from 1985 to 1995., the presidency of the European Commission to undertake. was presented. The goal was that the European identity in the markets, strengthening, and stabilization of prices, economic growth and commercial interest new members. Delors in a report in 1989 offering. money joint to a target joint monetary described that somewhat caused a full freedom of movement, capitalism will. money euro that the power of the commercial world, The Shape of the alliance, whose aim is to connect European countries for commercial purposes and political., the euro in the midst of chaos, political and economic came into existence in ... of the Berlin Wall in 1989 collapsed and was Germany in the Android has. in eastern Europe, such is the communism had been dismantled and the area witnessed the ups and downs of a very. With the end of World War II, the European Union has been established, but it was the economy of the region in the path of a single polarization of the move. The Treaty of Maastricht on 7 February 1992 in one of the cities in the Netherlands called Maastricht was signed, and from 1993 to carried. This treaty, the structure of a Money, common design. the symbol of this new currency of the letter Epsilon in the Greek alphabet (e) the inspiration was from 2001. coins and bills, it by the central bank, the EU, and to enter the market....
What is CNY ?
Chinese Yuan Renminbi
China's yuan (元) new counting currency country, China. The difference between Yuan and renminbi, like the difference between Pound and Sterling. The pound (instead of yuan) account and Sterling (instead of the renminbi), the currency is real. Yuan also in spoken language (块 - means crumbs) is also called. One yuan from ten (角) or Mao(毛 - meant to fill), and any of the Ten fan (分) is composed.

the symbol of the yuan (元) is also used to refer to money, South Korea and Japan also used. This symbol also for the translation money dollar to Chinese used; for example, in the Chinese language to the US dollar (美元), or yuan, the US is said to be. According to an estimate, 30 Jul 2010, every yuan 0. the 1476 dollars in the United States....