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Acronym References

What is LTC ?
Reflections Kevin briefly LTC is a currency peer-peer and project, software, open source, released under the MIT/X11 license is. Of bitcoin, is inspired by and technically nearly similar to bitcoin (BTC), is. The creation and transmission of light Kevin on the basis of a protocol is open source, and by no power of central management is not. Exchange, Litecoin, a digital currency peer-to-peer and open source, which is under license to MIT/X11 and made the transaction the coins on the base of a protocol, open source can be done.

After bitcoin and , etc. reflections, Kevin seventh-currency real terms capital market....
What is MMOL/L ?
Millimoles Per Litre
Mmol / l)

mole: one of the units enum is. A mole, according to the traditional definition, some of any substance is the number of elementary particles equal to the number of atoms contained in 12 grams of carbon-12....
What is BLC ?
Building Load Coefficient
Index calculation the building load...