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Acronym References

What is CMM ?
Cell per Milli cubic Meter
The cells in each cubic millimeter of...
What is CFU ?
Colony Forming Unit
In Microbiology, a unit forming colonies (CFU), the unit is to estimate the number of bacterial cells or fungal infection, live in a sample is used. The order of "live", the ability to reproduce through binary division, under controlled conditions.

In order to count the units forming colonies, etc. is needed, first, the microbes in the culture medium, grow. In this method, unlike the methods of microscopic, in which also the dead cells and the live count. in here, only live cells counted. For this that Colony, the surface of the culture medium, etc. are visible should be largely grown.

The purpose of counting the colonies, plate, estimate the number of cells based on their ability to grow and create colonies under the conditions of nutrition, temperature and specific time. In terms of theory, a living cell must be able to grow through reproduction, colony formation....
What is SDD ?
Sudanese Dinar
Dinar to Sudanese pound (native language: Dinar Sudanese) with the code SDD, etc. currency in the country of Sudan. Responsibility for control of The money is the responsibility of the Bank of Sudan are located....
What is VAR ?
In probability theory and statistics or variance somehow sensing, scattering.

the amount of with the average of the square distance of the amount of probable or observed with the expected amount calculated. In comparison with the average can be said that the mean, the distribution shows, while scale that indicates that the data around the average of how the plays have been. less in the sense that it is expected that if a sample of the distribution shall be selected its value to the average of the close. square quantity initial. The root of the second that the standard deviation is called has a unit identical with the variable early....
What is BHD ?
Bahraini Dinar
The Bahraini dinar currency in the country of Bahrain.The Bahraini dinar to 1000 scales divided. The word dinar from the word Roman is taken. Dinar in 1965 to per 10 rupee of Persian Gulf, equal to 1 dinar was introduced....
What is AZN ?
Azerbaijani manat
Manat money of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkmenistan.

in the Republic of Azerbaijan, every manat equal to 100 (qəpik). Now the value of each manat of the New Republic of Azerbaijan, the equivalent of 8700 Rs.

the word manat from the Russian word \"монета\" (Manta) means the coin is taken....
What is AFN ?
Afghani, etc. money country of Afghanistan. Components, Afghani, etc. money. Every Afghani, a hundred money can be divided....
What is YER ?
Yemeni Rial
Yemeni rial money country, Yemen, is that every Yemeni rial equal to 100 scales. Coin scales in Yemen is not released and in trading applications....