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Acronym References

What is CHF ?
Confoederatio Helvetia Franc
Frank money countries, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Its value approximately equal to 1 US dollar, and the like, American currency, per 1 franc equal to 100 ....
What is PLN ?
Polish Zloty New
Polish zloty, etc. money country of Poland. Each Polish zloty equal to one hundred .

government of Poland due to high inflation in January, 1995, with the removal of four zeros from Polish zloty agreed. In the result of any Polish zloty new (PLN) is equal to 10000 Polish zloty (PLZ) old....
What is TTD ?
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Dollar to Trinidad and Tobago with the code TTD, etc. currency in the country of Trinidad and Tobago. Responsibility for control of The money is the responsibility of the central bank and Tobago are located....
What is MiB ?
Mebi Byte
M'boi byte is a multiplication of the unit Byte which is for quantities of digital information can be used. Prefixes binary mabai means 220 can be the result of A M'boi bytes, etc. 1 the 048, the 576 Byte will be. Mark m'boi bytes of. MiB.

This unit in the year 1998 by the commission International (iPhone penetration times) were recorded, and on behalf of all agencies, the main about Accept actually was. M'boi bytes was designed to replace the MB, which in computer science means 106 bytes. because that means Mega in the device international otherness....
What is ST ?
Stone (st) of , is equal to 14 pounds (about 6٫35 kg) of that in the past in the UK and Ireland to measure body weight, the human went to work, and in many countries in northern Europe to measure the weight of trade goods were used....
What is BU ?
Bushels, with a letter acronyms bsh. Or bu. measure the weight on the Machine Empire, and the machine American is one of the dry measure should be considered in these devices is equal to 4 pack (YK) (peck) or . This YK to measure the weight of material, dryness of the liquid are not in agricultural applications.

bushels in the medieval period, for sensing the volume of seeds application was bushels of wheat, weighted grade point average of 64 pounds was found, but the device is columnar in the 16th century was replaced was equal to the 56 pound weight. The YK in the Middle Ages in Scotland, the island of Ireland or Wales, the application....
What is DR ?
Drum or (Dram), a measure mass, which is the symbol of the abbreviation ʒ, or dr to be shown.

the amount of it in the device against a sixteenth-ounce or 1. the 7718451953125 warm. The drum fluid is also the unit measure of capacity....
What is HP ?
HP that briefly with the hp shown. be that the amount of work done per unit of time to express. The term in the late eighteenth century by Scottish inventor, etc., James Watt to compare the efficiency of the steam engine with a horse power of work adopted. After that to measure the efficiency reciprocating engines and electric turbines, its application is more expanded, but nowadays this term because the definition there is of it available. in science, so not going to work. Horsepower as a measure of the power engines within the burner more in the automotive industry is a term common. Unit be installed on the machine SI Watt. A horse out of steam, according to the definitions., 735٫5 up to 750 watts. In the sources and calculations electrical engineering, a horsepower equal to 746 Watts. Image horsepower, metric (HP). A horsepower the power required to lift a weight of 75 kg (average weight of a person) to one meter (3.28 feet) in width A seconds. The horsepower metric equivalent approximate 735.5 Watts.