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What is MOL ?


The mole is one of the enum is. A mole, according to the traditional definition, some of any substance is the number of elementary particles it (molecule or Atom) equal to the number of atoms contained in 12 grams of carbon-12. This number, also the number called and is equal to 1023×(74)6. the 022140857

that, in fact, some of the object that number of units, the stem of which is equal to the number it. a mole is the SI units are expected to be.

to obtain a mole of a substance just the number 1023 ×6. the 02's because we to the amount of atoms or molecules of each substance, a mole of that substance is said to be, in fact, because of being hard working with unit amu in the lab, or better to say impossible, being that scientists have to think about the Innovation Unit, the mole fell.

matching the new definition(the necessary run after 20, 2019), a mole contains exactly 1023×(0)6. the 02214076 particle(atom, molecule, etc.).

to the mass of a mole particle (atom, molecule or ion) based on the G-mass, molar, say. mass molar g mol (g/mol) is. In other words, crime, Molly, crime 6. the 02214086 × 1023, or briefly 1023 ×6. the 02 of a material or a magnifying glass shows. For example, the mass molar hydrogen to approximation, etc. 1, the helium 4, etc. carbon-12, iron 56 and 238 is.

molecule of a substance equal to the total mass molar atom builder it can be. For example, the molecule water (H2O) equal to 18= 16 1(2) (C) because the molecule of hydrogen 1 g mol and each molecule of water 2 hydrogen atoms there are, and the molecule of oxygen, also 16 grams, the mole is.

In terms of numerical, etc. the mass of a Atom, on the basis of amu equal to the mass of a mole of the same atoms in terms of grams. For example, the mass of one atom of iron amu 56 and the mass of a mole of iron 56 grams is; the mass of one atom of oxygen, 16 amu, and the mass of molar oxygen is also 16 g/mol can be.

to obtain the mass of an Atom based on the amu can also be the number of neutrons and protons together collectors, clamps, and mass number resulting to a good approximation the same as the atomic mass based on the amu is of course, regardless of the isotope (time places)of that element. For example, the atom that more found in nature (94%), and etc. lithium-7, which means 3 protons and 4 neutrons there are. In this case, we say atomic mass lithium against 7 amu is a good approximation to the atomic mass of its real (6.94 amu) is very close. So can we say:

mass number of lithium=mass of atomic lithium(amu)=mass molar lithium(g) =7

to solve the issues of the mole in chemistry the high school, there are two methods; the one fraction conversion and the other methods fitness. Method fit in exams essay and the final is not acceptable, and even in the case of the right solution and get to the answer score to the student accrued not take place; however, an appropriate method to solve the questions test is. The first method, namely, deduction, conversion, etc. in chemistry, tenth year (Chemistry 1, chemistry in the path of sustainable development) are explained and solved questions with this method in exams is mandatory.