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Acronym References

What is TDS ?
Total Dissolved Solids
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), a measure of the content of the combination of all materials, organic and inorganic, contained in a liquid in molecular, etc. ionized or micro-granular (cell colloidal) is. T, Pain, can not be used as the main criteria determine the quality of the water, the more the degree of transparency of the water can determine. The order of the TDS, the Total Dissolved Solids in the water is equal to the sum of concentrations of all the ions available in the water. Water-soluble substances may be in terms of the nature of the "organic" or "mineral" are.

material non-organic (mineral) dissolved in water includes: minerals, metals, and gases are. Some of the organic materials for the colloidal particles, but the more organic materials for solution are. Organic contaminants may cause odors, color and the unpleasant taste of water, they are.

material derived from decomposed plants, organic chemicals and organic gases, etc. organic components dissolved in water make up.

many of the substances dissolved in water are undesirable. Minerals, gases and organic substances dissolved in water may cause color, taste and odor undesirable are. Some chemical compounds may be toxic, and some of the components of the organic solution has proven to be carcinogenic are. Of course, it should be noted that all the material soluble in water adverse are not. But the amount of dissolved substances desirable in the water very little."

units of measurement, TDS, mg / l) Mg/l, is it with the term PPM to learn....
What is W ?
Weight in a scientific language, and engineering, to force it can be said that the effect of gravity to mass to enter. But nowadays all people and even in many text official and legal, in place of the word weight, they use the order mass of the object.

the word weight, gravitational force entered from the land side to the objects and units that Newton is. The nature of the weight of the tube, the force and . The weight of an object to its mass of the object and the amount of the force of gravity entered on it, the object is dependent on. Weight, unlike Mass much a flat no, and if the force of gravity entered on the object changed, such as situations where the object to another planet, and transported, the weight of that object also change.

a large force, with W (for average) display. A large force is the mass of the object or m multiply in a great acceleration of the local gravity of the Earth, or g, then we can say: W = mg. In the Vector Space, weight, with the symbol W (for bold) display do offer. weight measurements in a standard system of international or SI Newton is considered. To sample the physical, with a mass of 1 kg, a weight equal to 9. the 8 Newton, in the surface of the Earth and on the lunar surface of equal weight, with about one-sixth (1/6) your weight on Earth and in space, away from the mass of precipitation in such a way that the effect of the force of gravity on the object is near zero it. can be said that the object almost weight....
What is مگ ?
Megabyte (Meg) or MB, etc. information and storage in a computer. This word from the prefix Mega, and the word Bytes is formed. Generally, two definitions of MB is available. In the definition of Prime Order of MB 220 bytes, or 1, the 048 is 576 bytes and can be. This definition is generally about the amount of data storage space on the computer goes to work. In this definition, a MB The m'boi byte is also read. In the second definition of units international system of units mega used. So thats the shape of a megabyte equals a million bytes. This definition, approved by the SI and the IEC is, and the majority of builders equipment, hardware, data storage they use it. In the third definition, which is much rarer, is MB to Kilo KB ( the first equivalent of 1000), assuming and equal to 210 × 103 or 1 the 024, the 000 bytes fall....
What is NOK ?
Norwegian Krone
Norway (Noreg), officially the kingdom of Norway, Kingdom, independent and is that territory which the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula., the Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard in the Arctic, right through to place. After the signing of the Treaty of Spitsbergen (the name of the Treaty of Svalbard is also known) on 9 February 1920 (19 February, 1298) mastered the absolute and complete Norway over the archipelago of Spitsbergen (now Svalbard is called) was recognized. The island of Peter the first at the South Pole and also Bouvet Island, near Antarctica, the realms of affiliate to Norway are as a part of the kingdom are not considered. Norway claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica called the land of the Empress also. Up to the year 1814 (1192) Faroe Islands., the Greenland and Iceland part of the kingdom of Norway is considered members.

Norway 385 is 207 kilometers, and its population totaled 5, the 109, the 059 people.[11] the country of the East has a bar, a long border with Sweden, as well as from the North-East by Finland and Russia, to the South by the Strait of is bordered. The Norwegian coast is long and to the Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea is connected.

Harald the fifth of the dynasty the king of Norway. Erna Solberg with a succession of Jens Stoltenberg of the year 2013 the Prime Minister of Norway. According to the Constitution, a constitutional monarchy developed in the year 1814 (1192) power in this country between the parliament, the king and the Council of the Kingdom and the Supreme Court is divided. Between the years 1661 until 1814 (1039 until 1193) absolute monarchy on Norway reigned and ahead of the year 1661 (1039) power between the king and the elite was divided. The kingdom of Norway that in the year 872 (251) from one kingdom to the local Piteå (tribal societies in Norway) the future was one of the oldest kingdoms of Europe and the world, which is still in place. This kingdom to the duration of 1100 years consecutively, there are over sixty of the king, and Kent on it sentence have driven.

divisions of the office in Norway in two-level city and municipal, are. People Sami by the Sami Parliament and the law of Finnmark has a certain amount of autonomy in the realms of traditional institutions. This country has close relations with the EU (despite the failure of the two referendum to join Norway to the EU) and the United States of America can be. Norway is one of the founding members of the organization of the United Nations. NATO, the Council of Europe, treaty, Antarctica., the council, Nordic., The Economic Area of Europe, the World Trade Organization, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and development, and also part of the Schengen area poses comes....
What is TRY ?
Turkish New Lira
Turkish (TRY) money, the countries of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is. the underside of the lira Iran is. Every cent deal is equal to one lira is. Printing money in Turkey on ۂ the Central Bank of Turkey (Iş Bank and AK bank) is.

from 31 January 2005 4 the zero of the rotation of Polly was cleared and from then on it lira leave the new or YTL, it was said; and from January 1, 2009 from YTL to TL changed. Now just in Turkey, up to 10,000 credits a day mare, there are methods and you sums the digits up in banks for investments up to 30% is paid. This the end of the year 2021, the credit and the day will be collected.

so far, click on The , the lira, just the picture of Ataturk and Ismet Inonu role have closed. Of course, Ismet Inonu, just a president between the years of 1938 up to 1950's....
What is MYR ?
Million Years
Deaths (Myr) girl wrote a million years, that is equal to the period of time, a million years old. Examples of the application of the YK, age, estimated the universe is around 13٫798 mortality (million year), equal to 13 billion 798 million years is estimated....
What is UZS ?
Uzbekistani Sum
Third, the currency of Uzbekistan...