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Acronym References

What is TMM ?
Turkmen Manat
Manat money country of Turkmenistan is the word manat from the Russian word "монета" (Manta) means the coin is taken. Manta from the Latin root. In 2009, the government of Turkmenistan, the plan manat ( money of the country) changed the layout of the new money Turkmenistan in bills. five., the 100, 50 and etc. with 20,, 10, 500 that the value of one manat equal to five thousand manat previous. The Central Bank of Turkmenistan without number manat change, had declared any manat, the new equivalent of 5 thousand manat old would be. The highest amount of bills manat. banknote 10 thousand be while in the new banknotes, the highest amount corresponding to the banknotes 500 . While in the bills, the manat, Turkmenistan, pictures, and designs the first president of Turkmenistan, nicknamed to appear on the new banknotes next to the image , the images of the elders and luminaries leave the language as , etc. not ( Ata), etc. Beek turkaman Seljuk, etc., Sultan Sanjar, and also to eat. Simultaneously with the release of the banknotes, the new manat, etc. coins to the first as the Strait of multiplied that the value of each 100 it a manat. The Central Bank of Turkmenistan announced that the value of a US dollar against the manat and 84 new money this country is in, while in the past the value of 14 and 200 against a dollar. From the date of the first of January 2015 the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, the coefficient of the parity of the manat to the dollar's decline, and now every 3 manat and 50 of the gorge is equal to one US dollar. Based on the rumors come soon, the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, the rate of parity of the manat to the US dollar to a dollar against five manat will change....
What is SYP ?
Syrian Pound
The pound or lira (show: LS or £S...
What is SGD ?
Singapore Dollar
Singapore dollar (native language: 新加坡元) with code SGD, etc. currency in the country of Singapore. Responsibility for control of The money claimed reference, the monetary of Singapore....
What is SEK ?
Swedish Krona
Swedish (your name) from 1873 money Sweden. Code SEK and kr for this money is used. Swedish to Swedish the meaning of the crown. Swedish, along with the euro in the Åland Islands are also used....
What is SBD ?
Solomon Islands Dollar
Dollar Solomon Islands with the code SBD, etc. currency in the country of Solomon Islands. Taking the responsibility to control the monetary unit is the responsibility of the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands are located....
What is SAR ?
Saudi Arabian Riyal
Rial Arabia money Saudi. Each rial Saudi to 100 divided, and every 5 equal to a . Code ISO 4217 The money SAR....
What is RUB ?
Ruble (Russian: Рубль) money country of Russia. little more ruble called. Each of the ruble against the hundred .

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, rather than the ruble, Soviet ruble of the Russian Federation to the stream. During the years 1992 to 1995 several forms of bills to print a receipt and because of inflation available at the time, the number of carved on goods Mode Season. After the relative stabilization of the ruble in 1996, the government decided to solve the problem of the ruble, a new supply. The value of the ruble, the new equal 1000 rubles, old, was, namely, in fact, zero last name removed.

the ruble new in 1997 was printed, and from the beginning of the year 1998, the credit find. Ruble new in the beginning, Lucky was not exactly with the economic crisis of 1998 and the drop in value was met. In recent years, the government of Vladimir Putin has been able to increase economic growth in Russia, the value of the ruble will increase. The rate of parity of the ruble from 31 rubles and 28 in front of a dollar in 2002 to 24 rubles to the dollar at the end of 2007 has increased.

at the beginning of 2008, each US dollar to 24 rubles and 50 .

and in the year ٢٠١٧ the Central Bank of Russia began to supply ٢٠٠ and ٢٠٠٠ . And in the year ٢٠١٧ American 5٧ ruble and ٣٣ ....
What is RSD ?
Serbian Dinar
Dinar, Serbian (native language: Cрпски динар / Srpski dinar) with the code RSD, etc. currency in the country of Serbia. Responsibility for control of The money is the responsibility of the National Bank of Serbia....