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Acronym References

What is BETH ?

Beacon ETH

Token BETH is a tokenized version of Ethereum deposited in the exchange Binance. This token is a simple way to participate in the ether deposit in bacon China (Beacon chain) Ether 2.0. You can make a profit by keeping Beth's token from depositing in Ethereum 2.0. You can also use this token in other ways on the Binance and Binance smart China platform.launched in December 2020, bacon China Ethereum is the first step in a series of updates to be released under Ethereum 2.0 and to improve the scalability of Ethereum. As part of the zero-phase plans of this update users can deposit or stick their Ethereum in the new version. Token Beth allows you to participate in the Ethereum stacking process without limiting your Ethereum withdrawal.each token is equal to an Ethereum deposited in Binance. In fact, Beth token is a tokenized version of stick ethereums . It is true that Ethereum currently uses a consensus proof-of-work mechanism, but as an important part of the Ethereum 2.0 project, this consensus mechanism will be changed to proof-of-stake (r and -r).due to the subtleties of this update, Ethereum 2.0 is scheduled to be implemented in several stages. The first step was to launch China bacon. After the full implementation of the chardings China's bacon will act as the core of Ethereum 2.0.< < ET>it is interesting to note that China's Bacon was launched in December last year (yen 1399) and by March 2021 (March 1399) more than 3.5 million ether was deposited in yen.But China's bacon depository agreement works one-way. This means that users can only deposit their Ethereum into the agreement and cannot withdraw their funds until the complete launch of the second version of Ethereum, which may take years. Moreover، the minimum amount of Ethereum required to stick is 32 units so ordinary people with fewer ethereums won't be able to participate in this freehand.