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What is XRD ?

X Ray Diffraction

The diffraction (scattering) X-ray method for the study of the structure of the material is crystalline, which in the year 1912 ad, by the application of the Lau was discovered by William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg, to check the crystals, was applied.

UV that for the diffraction are used, etc., usually during a wave of about 0.5 Eli 2.5 purpose.

This method is based on the basic property of a wave X-rays is based. The nucleus of an atom in the crystal lattice to a little distance (about a few purpose) from each other." Of reflected X-rays from these pages are consecutive, leading to the interference constructive or devastating waves of X can be. If the waves interfere constructively. using the formula of Bragg, can be spaced pages, crystalline and, consequently, the size and type of unit cell, division.