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What is BLA ?
Balochistan Liberation Army
The yenzadi army of Balochistan (yen YAL) is one of the secessionist groups in Pakistan working to secede the Pakistani state of Balochistan. The Balochistan Liberation Army, alongside other groups release crave Baloch (front for the liberation of Balochistan (BLF), the army of Republican Baloch (BRA), the United army Baloch (UBA), the Tigers democracy Balochistan (BLT), the guard for freedom-seeking Baloch (BLG) and the division of Balochistan (LB)) sought to become independent from the domination of the central government of Pakistan and the formation of the country are free.

The Balochistan Liberation Army, etc. by the government of the United States of America, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the government of Pakistan is a terrorist group poses comes in.[15] the group's headquarters is in Kandahar and in Afghanistan, but its main activities are in Balochistan state and against the Pakistani armed forces. The group is also accused of bombing and killing civilians and foreigners-ethnic cleansing and the removal of ethnic minorities in Balochistan. But the group claims it has never carried out a terrorist operation, and its sole purpose is to retake their homeland of Balochistan from its enemy Pakistan. They believe that Pakistan has been carrying out brutal massacres and looting of Balochistan's resources since 1948....
What is IDRO ?
Industrial Development & Renovation Organization
Industrial development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) is the government organisation that is in the field of investment and management on areas of energy, chemical, commercial, etc., auto industry, agriculture, shipbuilding and railroad company, which provides.< < > the Idro organization in July 1346 was in need of TSIS by Reza. The organization was formed to expand and modernize the country's industries in order to be competitive in the global arena by providing The Essentials of industrial development.with the aim of the interests of the stakeholders. The current rnis of this organization is Mohsen Salehinia....
What is حدک ?
حزب دموکرات کردستان
The Kurdistan Democratic Party (hadak ، hdk) was a political party in Iranian Kurdistan and opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which operated against this government from 1385 to 1401. The first secretary general of the party was Abdullah Hassanzadeh and khrin Khaled Azizi. The intensification of internal divisions among members of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party over the election of the party's leader at the thirteenth Congress in 2006 led to the formation of two separate parties and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (HDK)، split from the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party. On 30 August 1401 (21 August 2022) after 16 years, the two parties reunited and continued their joint activities under the name of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party under the single leadership....
What is حدکا ?
حزب دموکرات کردستان ایران
The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (hadka) is a political party in the history of Iranian Kurdistan that was founded on 25 August 1324 (equal to 16 August 1945) by Ghazi Mohammad in the city of Mahabad. This party is working against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yenen center is located in the city of Erbil, the center of Iraqi Kurdistan. The current secretary-general is Mustafa Hijri. The party's slogan from the first day was "democracy for Iran and autonomy for Kurdistan", but after more than half a century of struggles, it changed its strategic slogan to" the national rights of the Kurdish people in the framework of democratic and federal Iran". Kurdish parties sought autonomy with nationalist slogans and objectives under conditions inside and outside Iran, which led to defeat. By trying to remove the Iranian identity of the Kurds، they are fueling Kurdish ethnicism, which a large part of the Iranian Kurds did not welcome. < < > part of the forces of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party split from this party in 1385 and continued to operate under the name of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. In 1401, after 16 years, the two parties reunited and under the name of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party continued their joint activities under the single leadership.in September 1945, Ghazi Mohammad and a number of other important Kurdish figures were invited to Tabriz to meet the Soviet consul general and then sent to Baku, where they met mirjafar bagherov, the Prime Minister of the USSR zarbaijan. with an explanation of the importance of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, and replace it with the party of mass, affirms that the Kurds also to gain freedom should do the same. He tells that the revived population is the creation and instrument of imperialism. Yenes are also encouraged to create a Democratic Party.[22] on the return from this trip، the dissolution of the Kurdish revival population was carried out and a statement signed by Judge Mohammed and 105 Kurdish notables was published. In this statement, the Democratic Party of Kurdistan was announced....
What is SPQR ?
Senātus Populusque Rōmānus
The Senate and the Roman people (r) is a title derived from the Latin abbreviation \"r \"which refers to the ancient Roman Republic. The term is still used today as the official coat of arms of the city of Rome during the Roman Empire. This term was used in inscriptions، Scrolls، dedications، monuments and public sacrifices. The Roman coat of arms of the legions was also attributed to this sign. The use of this coat of arms dates from a time when the Roman government did not have dictatorial governments like Caesar\'s, and the ruler was appointed by the Senate. It seems that the term was also used on Roman currency in periods.

phrase; the Senate and the Roman people, in literature, political, legal and historical Romans frequently used in the provinces. Cicero, etc., says the famous Roman in his flared; and Livy, in effect, a famous herself to the name history of Rome (ab urbe condita) from this expression we have used....
What is NPPD ?
Nuclear Power Plant Division
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) is the main Iranian government agency responsible for operating nuclear energy and nuclear fuel cycle installations in Iran. AEOI is the primary organization responsible for nuclear technology research and development activities in Iran. AEOI was involved in formerly undeclared nuclear activities including enrichment facilities at Fordow and Natanz.

AEOI\'s headquarters are in the northern Amir Abad district in Tehran, but it has facilities throughout the country. The current head of AEOI is Mohammad Eslami, who replaced Ali Akbar Salehi on 29 August 2021....
What is LFF ?
London Film Festival
The London Film Festival is the largest National Film Festival in the UK, showcasing more than 300 feature films documentaries and short films from around 50 countries at a time. The London festival, now in its sixth decade of existence, is held annually in the second half of October under the supervision and support of the British Film Foundation (L).

the festival continues that she is as a showcase for the supply of the best and most creative works of cinema of the world be known, the next movie premiere day, and holding the carpet and electricity, and to view archival restoration has been discovered, and the introduction of talents, emerging, etc. holding the meeting, the questions and answers, lectures, workshops pays....
What is BFI ?
British Film Institute
The British Film Institute (), also known as the British Film Foundation, is a charitable organization founded in 1933. The foundation is controlled by a royal statute....