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Acronym References

What is ساهف ?
سازمان هوافضا
The Aerospace Organization is a subset of the defense industry....
What is نپاجا ?
نیروی پدافند هوایی ارتش جمهوری اسلامی
Air Defense Force of the Army of the Islamic Republic...
What is NASDAQ ?
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
The Nasdaq (NASDAQ) is a stock market equity in America. This market in the list of stock exchanges in terms of market value, Second rating in the market transaction of electronic stock and ... after the New York Stock Exchange, etc. has. The Nasdaq, with the presence of more than 3321 participate in it. most average number of shares sold on the day in between other exchanges in the United States compared to any stock market else in the world.

this market on the eighth of February 1971 by the National Association of securities traders NASD Foundation has been.

the NASDAQ on the eighth of February, 1971 was established. This market is close to half a century ago by the National Association of securities traders NASD was established. Until 1987, the majority of transactions through the phone was done, but in the flow of incident October 1987 (referring to the Black Monday) the market to the phone does not respond they did, and for this reason the system do orders that small manner, E to enter trades traders be established. In the continuation of the activity of the market, to facilitate trading, a computer system is the Nasdaq, established that the latest proposed price, buy and sell in the market, OTC and primary market for traders and brokers, preparation of the track. The Nasdaq, no big trading physical that buyers and sellers bring together and ... no. All transactions in the company through a computer network or the phone is done....
What is IUCN ?
International Union for Conservation of Nature
The International Union for conservation of nature...
What is CDU ?
Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands
Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) the Conservative Party of this country that in 1945 was established. The party that it can be "right-middle", he is also a member of Democratic Union International. The current leadership of the party with Anne Garrett cramps-Karen Bauer is at the helm of the coalition government, the current Germany is located.

Christian Democratic Union in Bavaria, the activity does not, and hence in the federal parliament , etc. fractions in common with the Union of the Social Christian Bavaria, formed the union only in Bavaria, the activity does. Federal policies the two party in the form of a memorandum of understanding parliamentary coalition with each other can be coordinated, while in the policies of the state, both independent from one another. To refer to Hardoi, it's usually from the so-called "Union" is used.

both of these parties, the more their fans between Catholics and. Protestants, etc. the villagers and members from all economic classes to find. The overall policy, economic, and Social, their is a conservative and most of the other political parties to Catholic churches (and up to about low more Protestant) are close. Despite the emphasis of the party on the Christianity today than the past few decades, and can be said today, it's more that the ideological fathers. pragmatic are.

in 1990, the party with the party time step, and his in eastern Germany that have exactly the same name it was (Christian Democratic Union of Germany) was merged....
What is ILGA ?
International Lesbian and Gay Association
That laws on homosexuals., the gays, etc. bisexual and transgender and (LGBT) influence, etc. from one country to another vary greatly have. To recognize the legal marriage, gay or other types of relationships have taken up the death penalty as a punishment for emotional relationships/sex between or issues of identity.

the rights of LGBT by Amnesty International as human rights are considered to be by people other as civil rights. The rules relating to the rights of LGBT include, though are not limited:

to the men who with men have sex the possibility of donated blood given.
relationships between by the government to be recognized (such as marriage or has civil).
to queer the permission of the guardianship of child given.
parental fears to recognize them.
the rules of anti-bullying and discrimination, decriminalization of students for the protection of children and/or students nature videos, lay back.
equality in immigration laws exist.
anti-discrimination laws for employment and housing, LGBT status to be.
rules crimes related to hate disposition are criminal penalties for violence motivated by bias against LGBT in it increased in.
laws relating to equality in age of consent for intercourse to exist.
equal access to technology, the help of fertility exist.
access to surgically change sex, and hormonal replacement therapy exist.
recognition and matching of the rules with sex changed
the laws related to sexual orientation and serve in the army Amendment....
What is SSA ?
Social Security Administration‎
Social Welfare Office, United States of America (SSA) is an independent organization in the United States federal government is the custodian of Social Security, a social insurance consisting of retirement benefits, disability, and survivors, is. The majority of American workers from your taxes, Social Security can pay up to qualify for these benefits are; the benefits of future employees based on the payments them....
What is OFAC ?
The Office of Foreign Assets Control
The Office of control of foreign capital, or the Office of control foreign assets (OFAC), one of the organs under the Ministry of the treasury of the United States of America. This office based on the goals and policies of the United States against the governments, organizations and individuals of non-American economic sanctions and trade applies....