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Acronym References

What is ILGA ?
International Lesbian and Gay Association
That laws on homosexuals., the gays, etc. bisexual and transgender and (LGBT) influence, etc. from one country to another vary greatly have. To recognize the legal marriage, gay or other types of relationships have taken up the death penalty as a punishment for emotional relationships/sex between or issues of identity.

the rights of LGBT by Amnesty International as human rights are considered to be by people other as civil rights. The rules relating to the rights of LGBT include, though are not limited:

to the men who with men have sex the possibility of donated blood given.
relationships between by the government to be recognized (such as marriage or has civil).
to queer the permission of the guardianship of child given.
parental fears to recognize them.
the rules of anti-bullying and discrimination, decriminalization of students for the protection of children and/or students nature videos, lay back.
equality in immigration laws exist.
anti-discrimination laws for employment and housing, LGBT status to be.
rules crimes related to hate disposition are criminal penalties for violence motivated by bias against LGBT in it increased in.
laws relating to equality in age of consent for intercourse to exist.
equal access to technology, the help of fertility exist.
access to surgically change sex, and hormonal replacement therapy exist.
recognition and matching of the rules with sex changed
the laws related to sexual orientation and serve in the army Amendment....
What is SSA ?
Social Security Administration‎
Social Welfare Office, United States of America (SSA) is an independent organization in the United States federal government is the custodian of Social Security, a social insurance consisting of retirement benefits, disability, and survivors, is. The majority of American workers from your taxes, Social Security can pay up to qualify for these benefits are; the benefits of future employees based on the payments them....
What is OFAC ?
The Office of Foreign Assets Control
The Office of control of foreign capital, or the Office of control foreign assets (OFAC), one of the organs under the Ministry of the treasury of the United States of America. This office based on the goals and policies of the United States against the governments, organizations and individuals of non-American economic sanctions and trade applies....
What is CREA ?
Canadian Real Estate Association
Organized real estate in Canada...
What is IRGC ?
Islamic Revolution Guards Corpse
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Iran...
What is ESO ?
European Southern Observatory
The European Southern Observatory, or ESO, enterprise, European, for research Astronomy in the southern hemisphere.

among the this organization can be used to discover tens of planets outside of the solar system cited.

This agency that in the year 1340 (1962), which established the ... the latest technology and research facilities to astronomers and Astrophysics don, the security and does not by Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal. Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom supported. Several other countries also to join this organization expressed interest in the abundant have.

branch of the central ESO-contained unit of scientific research and technical and office Center in near Munich, Germany, is located. Unit operational ESO located in the center of San Diego includes three sites work is that in chilón the desert of Atacama, have come together. The first center , which is 600 kilometers, and at altitudes 2400 yards north of San Diego is located, and the operations required ESO with multiple Telescope optical big performs. Also, the second center, which in ., the 2600-meter high mountain south of Antofagasta, located and have been equipped with a telescope, the very large with the name of the VLT can be. This set includes two telescopes (VISTA) direction of the mapping, and an interference detector (VST) can be. The third site in the 5000-meter Heights Leno in , etc. near San Pedro in the Atacama is. Where a telescope small mm new APEX in a similar function with the make-up of the massive antenna, 12 yards, small mm (ALMA) is a collaboration with North America, East Asia and Chile, the building is being made . ESO has repeatedly in reviews of telescopes, optical big swallow red with the E-ELT also has used.

the status of stock the members of the ESO, something about 120 million euro which is annually 600 employees from afar, and around the hire does.

ESO is a member of the company's non-Joint Stock of the seven research organization State (EIROforum)in Europe, which searches the stem in the world are doing....
What is SPO ?
Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs
Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPO) the political party, the Social Democrats in Austria. Party in 1888 was created. In the wake of the resignation of the Chancellor, former Austrian Werner , from 2016, Christine Kern (Christian Kern), the leader of the party is simultaneously the official chancellor of Austria, also of the international community. The youth branch of the party Sozialistische Jugend Österreich is called.

in the parliamentary elections 2002 the party 1 792 499-vote (36 of 51% of the, 69 seats) received. In the presidential election, Austria, 2002, candidate, party, Hans Fischer (Heinz Fischer) with the acquisition of 2 166 690 votes (52٫4%), and the winner was.

7 seats in parliament, the Europe. The party in the parliamentary elections, Austria in 2006 with a relative majority of votes to excellence is found only in the Alfred leader of the party, to the chancellor, the Austrian audience.

the party to the socialist is dependent....
What is آ.پ ?
آموزش و پرورش
Stands for the organization of Education...